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Horoscopes for June 20th








ARIES- Minor disputes will only turn major if you allow your emotions to rule you. On the home front especially you should strive to be more forgiving of weakness. Not everyone can be as decisive and driven as you.

TAURUS- As the Sun moves away from the money area of your chart today so you should consider calling time on a project that has not worked out the way you intended. Never mind, all experience is good experience.

GEMINI- You may find yourself lacking in energy today but that's to be expected after all the efforts, both physical and mental, you've made in recent weeks. Reward yourself with a well earned rest. A more enjoyable phase is beginning.

CANCER-The Sun in your sign over the next four weeks will make all things possible but don't go mad and start taking foolish risks. Think things through before you take action. You've got plenty of time to make your mark.

LEO-  A clash of opinions is likely today and you are likely to be quite aggressive in defense of your views. But do you really believe everything you say or are you just stirring the pot because you enjoy being controversial?

VIRGO- There is no need to be cautious and there is no need to believe that rivals are out to get you. Even if they are you have what it takes to outwit them. You also have friends who will help with no questions asked.

LIBRA- The Sun crosses the career angle of your chart today, helping you to impress people in positions of power. Your ideas and actions will in turn have a big influence on those who look up to you - of which there are plenty.

SCORPIO- You may be conservative by nature but that does not mean you are incapable of original thought - far from it in fact. Get together with people who share your outlook today and work as one on an earth-changing idea.

SAGITTARIUS- It will pay you to be a bit more secretive today. There are some things that even your best friend should not know about you, things that might cause you some embarrassment if they became common knowledge!

CAPRICORN- You are now midway through your solar year, making this a good time to take stock of how far you have come and how far you still have to travel. If changes or adjustments need to be made, now is the time.



AQUARIUS- The Sun moves into the area of your chart that governs your work and your wellbeing today. So ask yourself: are you happy with what you are doing, and are you at your best physically? If not, what improvements can you make?

PISCES- As the Sun begins a four-week spell in the most dynamic area of your chart you are no doubt full of big ideas and even bigger plans. But are they realistic? The Sun's link to Neptune, your ruler, on Sunday will let you know.