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May 2nd







ARIES-Today's planetary picture urges you to take things easy and enjoy the social side of life. You may have a long journey ahead of you but that does not mean you cannot pause to smell the flowers along the way

TAURUS- Why so uptight? Is it because you think a secret is being kept from you? Maybe it is, but what of it? It does not matter what the rest of the world is doing - it matters only what you are going to do next.

GEMINI-  You seem to be much in favor with loved ones, friends and colleagues at the moment, which is good. But don't let their kind words and attention distract you from your most important tasks. There's work to be done.

CANCER- Try to relax and take setbacks in your stride. There will always be things that don't work out the way you want them to - you'll never change that. What you can change is your own attitude. Be confident.

LEO- Someone you don't always get along with seems remarkably friendly at the moment. Is this a genuine change of heart or is it a trap? Don't be so suspicious. They just want to draw a line on the past.

VIRGO- Is there someone on the work front who is causing you grief? If so it may be a situation of your own making. Try not to be quite so competitive or confrontational today. Co-operation is the key to success.

LIBRA- You seem to think that you alone know how to resolve a tricky situation. Maybe you do but it will still pay you to get other people involved, and that means listening to their opinions. Is that really so hard?

SCORPIO- Now that Mercury has moved into your opposite sign you should find it easier to reach out to people, both those you know well and those you will need to know to further your ambitions. Get to it.

SAGITTARIUS- It is always easy to see the worst in people but today you should look for the best in them. It's there, if you open your eyes wide enough to see. Look in the mirror and greet your own good side too.

CAPRICORN- If someone asks what you think of something they have done today, tell them you think it's fantastic, even if you don't. They could do with a confidence boost and you're just the one to give it to them

AQUARIUS- The trick you most need to master now is making others believe you are not as smart as you really are. If rivals underestimate what you can do you may catch them off guard and beat them to the prize.

PISCES- Modesty comes naturally to you and that's good because someone will go out of their way to talk you up today. It's nice to be flattered, of course, but what is their motive? You're right to be cautious.