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Horoscopes for June 21st







ARIES- Someone you meet on your travels will tell you something worth knowing today, something that puts a huge smile on your face. Don't keep the information to yourself - pass it on and make others happy too.

TAURUS- You will be tempted to splash out on pretty things, both for yourself and as gifts for other people. It's good of you to be so generous but can you really afford it? Don't get yourself into debt or go short on essentials.

GEMINI- By all means make an effort to see things from someone else's point of view but don't go too far and betray your own beliefs. There are certain areas and certain issues where you must stand your ground at all costs.

CANCER-You want to do good deeds for people but don't spend so much time helping strangers that you neglect those you are closest to emotionally. Is a loved one or relative showing signs of distress? Then ride to the rescue.

LEO-  You will go out of your way to do things for others, which in turn will improve your own reputation. In some people's eyes you have been a bit too self-obsessed of late. Time to remind them you're a nice guy at heart.

VIRGO- People in positions of authority will go out of their way to help you today. This may surprise you considering how difficult they have been in recent weeks but it's not a trick - it seems you've won them over at last.

LIBRA- Venus, your ruler, is aligned with Uranus, planet of changes, so if you need to shake things up a bit you'll find it easy to do so. Are some of your "friends" getting difficult to deal with? Could be time for a change.

SCORPIO- The intensity of your feelings may surprise you today, but only because you have bottled up your emotions for so long. Something will happen over the next 24 hours that brings it all out into the open. That's good.

SAGITTARIUS- Partnerships generally and affairs of the heart in particular will improve no end over the next few days. When dealing with people you love don't hold back on your feelings: leave them in no doubt how much you care.

CAPRICORN- Something you took a bit too seriously in the past will no longer worry you - in fact you'll put it out of your mind for good. As a knock-on effect you will find that your physical and emotional health improve considerably.



AQUARIUS- No matter how much your creative efforts may have been hindered in the past you will find it easy to sidestep obstructions and do something extraordinary now. The biggest obstruction, of course, was your own lack of self-belief.

PISCES- Try to be a bit more discerning about who you show warmth and regard for. Yes, of course, each soul is precious but you cannot give your heart to everyone - and the same goes for your time. Who means the most to you?