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Horoscopes for June 22nd







ARIES- Someone you meet on your travels will tell you something worth knowing today, something that puts a huge smile on your face. Don't keep the information to yourself - pass it on and make others happy too.

TAURUS- Stick with what you know and trust. The planets warn that if you chop and change you will make a stupid mistake and damage your reputation for efficiency. Above all don't lose sight of the things that really matter.

GEMINI- If you follow a hunch today you will be delighted with the results. However, if someone else wants you to follow what their hunches tell them you must decline. The only voice you can trust is the one inside your head

CANCER-You have both a right and a duty to make your opinions known. Mercury in your sign gives you insights that other people do not possess, so speak up no matter how unpopular some of your ideas might be.

LEO- Something that just a few days ago seemed too much for you will look remarkably easy today. Time changes all things and no matter how hard a task may be one day it does not mean it will be hard the next.

VIRGO- You've made enough concessions of late and now you must get tough with people who are abusing your generous nature. Do what is best for you today and don't worry if it's not so good for friends and family.

LIBRA- An issue you have been struggling with for several weeks will resolve itself today. Even so you should give some thought as to why it took such a long time to come right. Could it be that your attitude was wrong?

SCORPIO-Creative activities will work out well today, but they will work out even better if you bring other people into your confidence and let them know what it is you are trying to accomplish. Together you can create a masterpiece.

SAGITTARIUS- Someone in a position of authority will give you the chance to prove yourself today and you must seize it with both hands. Don't worry that you may not be fully prepared - you'll find a way to muddle through.

CAPRICORN- What happens today will answer at least some of the questions you have been asking in recent weeks. It will also remind you that sometimes you make things complicated for yourself with no good reason. Keep it simple


AQUARIUS- You would like to go back and undo a mistake that had far-reaching consequences, but you know that's not possible. All you can do is learn from the situation and make sure next time you take a more productive and positive course.

PISCES- You may not get along with a certain individual but you will have to work closely with each other today. The planets indicate there is a karmic attachment between you - this is something you need to resolve together.