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Horoscopes for June 25th






ARIES- You may be full of confidence right now but watch out you don't take too much for granted. You could easily get an inflated opinion of your own abilities, which in turn could lead to some rather embarrassing mistakes.

TAURUS- You will gain a lot more respect over the next few days if you deal with those who disagree with you quickly and with a touch of ruthlessness. You are under no obligation to worry about their injured feelings

GEMINI- You may be tempted to cut corners and hope no one notices but the planets warn they will - and your reputation will quickly head south. Do what is expected of you and do it to the best of your considerable abilities

CANCER- According to the planets you have allowed your standards to slip in recent months, but Saturn, the great taskmaster of the zodiac, will in some way force you to up your game. Always aim high. Always aim to win.

LEO-You are thinking too hard about a problem that is quite simple in nature. What happens over the next 24 hours will present you with an obvious solution, but you won't see it if you insist on looking the other way.

VIRGO- For some reason you've got it into your head that someone you have to deal with on a day-to-day basis is not to be trusted. Where is your evidence for that belief? Most likely it doesn't exist. Try not to be so negative.

LIBRA- Saturn turns direct in your birth sign today, which means you will no longer be able to kid yourself that everything in your garden is rosy. Yes, you have problems, but you know how to deal with them. Start right away.

SCORPIO- Whatever you say there always seems to be someone who chooses to disagree with you. Of course, it's annoying but you must not let it get to you or it might deflect you from your ultimate goal. Maybe that's what they want.

SAGITTARIUS- Are you expecting too much of yourself? Maybe, but it's better than expecting too little. The planets urge you to aim high today and throughout the week. A little bit of effort will go a surprisingly long way

CAPRICORN- Each and every person is born with a special talent. Do you know what yours is? If not this is the perfect time to find out as Saturn, your ruler, moves in your favor and encourages you to aim for some kind of perfection

AQUARIUS- The situation you find yourself in today may be difficult but you won't make it any easier by allowing your emotions to take control. Use your head and you will get through okay. You may be one of the few who do.

PISCES- For too long you have believed that your options are limited and that there is only so much you can accomplish. Today's events will encourage you to believe the opposite: that there is nothing in this world that is beyond you.