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May 7th







ARIES- You seem to think that you need someone's approval to follow a certain course of action. That's not like you at all - and it isn't true either. Have the courage to follow your own path, today and every day

TAURUS- Never forget that the things you do touch the lives of those around you. Before you start something new today, ask yourself how it might affect friends, family and colleagues. Only proceed if the results are likely to be positive.

GEMINI- Regret is a useless emotion, so if you have made some kind of error just accept it and move on. The Sun in Taurus at this time of year can make you a bit pessimistic, but life is still good - and so are you!

CANCER- If you are convinced that a certain course of action is right then follow it no matter what kind of opposition you may encounter. Cancer is a Water sign and your intuition is highly developed, so listen to your hunches.

LEO- You may think you are entitled to a larger share of whatever rewards are on offer but this is not the best time to push your claims too hard. Wait and see what Friday's eclipse brings your way. It could be fantastic

VIRGO- Over the next few days you could find yourself doing things that just a few short weeks ago you would never dare to dream about. When change happens it tends to happen fast, so be ready to move fast too.

LIBRA- Because life is so easy you tend to coast along without putting too much effort into what you are doing. Which is fine, but think how much more you could achieve if you did get serious. Food for thought.

SCORPIO- Worry never solved anything, so put your fears back in their box and start looking for ways to improve your lot. Remember: you are where you are for a reason. Find out what that reason is and work with it

Sagittarius- Despite what some people might say you are more than just an accident of the universe - there is meaning to your existence. Focus your mind on what that meaning might be today and you could have a life-changing insight.

Capricorn- Your rivals may have more experience than you but you have drive and determination and those attributes count for more. Most important of all though is your clarity of thought: you know what it is you want - and you'll get it.

Aquarius- Focus on the lighter side of life today. Stop worrying about the world and its woes and just have fun for a change. The more you smile the more you will realize how backward an emotion negativity can be.

Pisces- You're not a casualty in the game of life, so stop acting like one. According to the planets the next few days will throw up all sorts of wonderful opportunities. Make sure you're in the right frame of mind to enjoy them.