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May 8th






ARIES- See if you can get your friends or colleagues to follow along as you make your way through today’s exciting events — some may lag behind, but the ones who stay close are in for quite a ride

Taurus- Try not to rush out and pick up on the first solution that sounds good. You need to really do your homework if you want to avoid any troubles in the long run. Things should work out well if you take your time.

Gemini- You may feel sluggish today, as if you cannot find a reason to start moving. However, this problem is less about physical laziness than emotional apathy. Although you know what you want, you can't decide if potential success is worth the effort.

Cancer- You are willing to confront your own fears now so you can process them before exploring a difficult subject with a close friend or partner. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to happiness today, so you need to jump in and be willing to deal with whatever happens.

Leo- If anyone asks you a question today, he or she better be ready to listen because you have a lot to say and you are eager to share your opinion. Unfortunately, you may not be able to give a simple yes or no answer. You have a story to tell and won't stop until you've delivered your entire response

Virgo- You are playing for keeps today and there's not much that can deter you from your goal. Last night's Mercury-Mars hook-up may still trick you into thinking that your way is the best way to accomplish your work now

Libra- You may feel uncomfortable today because you typically rely on your intellect rather than on your emotions. But last night's Mercury-Mars conjunction is still blurring the boundaries between objective logic and impulsive actions. Leading with your heart is fine if you are aware of what you're doing.

Scorpio- Your natural ability to explore the shadows of your subconscious mind can make you a really good friend to someone special. Your loyalty is unwavering as you jointly explore the darker side of passion today. It's much easier to stick with the intense process of transformation now when the spotlight is on another person, rather than you

Sagittarius- Practicality is easily integrated into your routine now, but you can still be off base even if you think you're using common sense. You must be careful because you could set your heart on a particular goal. It's possible to make a wrong decision, even if you approach the problem with your feet on the ground

Capricorn- You may seem more intense today because every word you utter is supercharged with emotion. However, you won't likely waste words with communicator Mercury and several other planets in laid-back Taurus. Even if you attempt to make your point clearly, you might not be as logical as you think.

Aquarius- No matter what professional circumstances are impacting your life now, the behavior of your coworkers is less important than your reactions. Accordingly, you have more control over what happens next than you realize

Pisces- You might think that you're being extremely clear about your intentions and what you're doing today, but a close friend or family member still could misinterpret your behavior. Unfortunately, you become less believable as you try to justify your actions because your emotions speak louder than your logic