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May 10th








ARIES- The planets suggest you will find yourself at odds with the accepted way of doing things today. Even if it causes you financial hardship you will fight on the side of what you believe is right. Good for you.

TAURUS- Today's solar eclipse in your birth sign means you can no longer put off what needs to be done. What you start over the next 24 hours will pay dividends for the next 24 months, maybe even the next 24 years!

GEMINI- You will need to make some difficult decisions today. Are you strong enough mentally to do so? The important thing is that once you have decided on a certain course of action you see it through to the end.

CANCER- There are so many opportunities in your life right now that you may find it hard to decide what to do first. But decide you must, and quickly. The last thing you need now is to be trapped by indecision. Get going!

LEO- Today's solar eclipse means a new start in your career or vocation is not just possible but desirable too. If your present position does not satisfy you or bring the rewards you desire then now is the time for a change.

VIRGO- Your life will change for the better over the next few days. What matters even more though is that your attitude is changing: you no longer attach so much importance to things of a material nature. That's good.

LIBRA- Most things change slowly over time but occasionally you get the chance to change things quickly and today's eclipse makes this the ideal time to make a quantum leap. Change your outlook and you change your world.

SCORPIO- If a relationship has been going through a tough time of late then today's eclipse will bring matters to a head. A new start is possible but you have both got to want it. It's really an all or nothing situation.

SAGITTARIUS- Cosmic activity in the work and wellbeing area of your chart suggests you are thinking of changing your daily routine, maybe in quite dramatic ways. And why not? Change is good for you. Radical change is even better.

CAPRICORN- You should be having the time of your life right now and if that is not the case it can only be because you are letting the past hold you back. Today's eclipse urges you to be bold and be brave. Be creative too.

AQUARIUS- Do not, repeat not, interfere in other people's private affairs today - and don't let other people interfere in your private matters either. You may think you know best, and maybe you do, but it won't change a thing.

PISCES- Life has been a bit predictable of late but as from today things should get a lot more interesting. If you have not yet made any social or travel plans for the next few days then make them now - DON'T stay at home.