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May 13th







ARIES- Make an effort to see yourself the way others see you today. It's great that you have such a strong self-image but sometimes it makes it hard to understand why not everyone looks at life the same way as you.

TAURUS- The methods you have been using may be effective for you but that does not mean they are right for everyone. You will find yourself at odds with someone you work with today, simply because your personalities are so different.

GEMINI- Your heart and your head are pulling you in opposite directions and it won't be until later in the week that you choose one approach over the other. In the meantime, make room in your life for both romance and realism.

CANCER- Keep your wits about you as the new week begins and try to keep a light-hearted attitude to everything that happens. Some people may be feeling a bit down but that does not mean you have to get down there with them.

LEO- The best way to deal with people who annoy you is to ignore them. There is something imperious in the Leo nature and if you make out that someone does not exist no one else will believe they exist either.

VIRGO- It may be tempting to sell off a treasured possession so you can pay an outstanding debt but that's not a good idea. Money-wise the planets will move in your favor later in the week, so hang in there

LIBRA- The cosmic pattern is slowly but surely shifting in your favor and by the end of the week the dark days will be behind you. Today though you will have to deal with an emotional issue of some kind. Be bold.

SCORPIO- You will have to make a difficult decision either today or tomorrow and some people are sure to be disappointed. That's not your concern. The only thing that matters is you stay true to your principles when making it.

SAGITARRIUS- You may be easygoing by nature but when aroused you make a tenacious opponent. Today's events will encourage you to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. With you on their side they might just win.

CAPRICORN- You may worry that if you don't act quickly you will miss out on an opportunity of some kind but it isn't true. In fact the planets indicate most strongly that you should bide your time. Caution is not a bad thing.

AQUARIUS- If you have to be critical of someone today, either at home or at work, make sure you wrap up what you say in some kind of sugar coating. Not everyone has such a robust ego as you, so make allowances.

PISCES- Throwing money at a problem won't get you anywhere - except maybe the poor house. If you stand back from your current situation a bit you will see it's not nearly as bad as you fear. It never is.