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May 14th







ARIES- Yes, someone is trying it on and you have every right to be annoyed, but is it worth the effort? There is no way they are going to succeed at cheating you so maybe you should just ignore them. It's what they deserve.

TAURUS- There is no point blaming yourself because a project of some kind went wrong. There were so many people involved and so many factors at work that no one person was truly to blame - it was a collective failure.

GEMINI- You need to pace yourself carefully now because the planets warn you are not as robust health-wise as you seem to believe. Even a go-getting Gemini needs a bit of down time occasionally - like right this very minute.

CANCER- Whatever your highest ideal happens to be, that is what you should now be aiming for. Of course, you won't reach your goal immediately but you'll be heading in the right direction - and that's what matters.

LEO -You are finding it hard to focus on one specific thing - your mind is all over the place. That's okay. There is no point trying to force your thoughts in directions they clearly don't want to go. Take the hint.

VIRGO- If a particular method works for you then stick with it. Others may say it's old-fashioned, and maybe it is, but so what? It's your choice and the more critical they are the more you suspect it's the right choice too

LIBRA- Let your imagination roam wherever it pleases today, even if it takes you to places you may have been deliberately avoiding in recent weeks. As is so often the case, what you fear the most is unlikely to happen.

SCORPIO- You may end up spending a large chunk of the day dealing with someone else's problem but don't think of it as time wasted. What you do for them now will be done for you later on, with interest added

SAGITTARIUS- Some things can be done on the spur of the moment and some things can be left until the very last minute but what you do today will require a bit more planning. Others won't do it for you, so get on with it.

CAPRICORN- You know from long experience there is no point shouting or making threats. If you want something done today you will either have to do it yourself or offer something valuable in return, So, it's do it yourself then.

AQUARIUS- Listen carefully to what a friend or family member tells you today, even if you have heard it many times before. They may just have the key to a problem that has been annoying you for some time

Pisces- It's not wrong to be suspicious but it is wrong to take it to unreasonable levels. Rest assured that what you hear today is in no way designed to deceive you - in fact you may end up deceiving yourself