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May 15th








ARIES- Go out and enjoy yourself today. Treat life as one big party and that is exactly what it will be, to you at least. Actually it's you who is the party - wherever you go fun and laughter goes too.

TAURUS- You need to develop a more detached view of money and possessions. What happens over the next few days will make you realize that there are many more important things in this life than dollars and cents.

GEMINI- With Mercury, your ruler, moving into your sign today you won't lack for ideas - or the energy and enthusiasm necessary to carry them out. Don't try to change the world: just do one little thing better than everyone else.

Cancer- You must not allow yourself to get depressed, no matter how disheartening the news may be. The key to both happiness and success is to use your imagination: take negative emotions and use them in positive ways.

LEO- There is a lot you can do to change other people's attitudes but that does not mean you will succeed. You have a right to have your say, of course, but others have the right to disagree, or even ignore you.

VIRGO- As you think so you are, so think only positive thoughts today and watch in amazement how quickly and easily your dreams come true. Make sure important people know what you can do. Win their backing.

LIBRA- Don't waste time asking friends and family members if they approve of what you intend to do: just do it and let them take it any way they want. The time has come to be decisive. Yes, of course, you can do it!

SCORPIO- You will be at your most resolute and ruthless today: you won't let anyone stop you from following your star. Just make sure your aims are not too outrageous. Listen to expert advice, and maybe even act on it!

SAGITTARIUS- There is no way you can avoid facing the harsh truth about a partnership or friendship that is going through choppy waters at the moment. Once that truth has been faced though you can start making positive changes.

CAPRICORN- You may think you can push yourself beyond your usual limits with no ill effects but common sense says otherwise and you would be wise to listen. If you don't you may have to deal with an unexpected wellbeing issue.

AQUARIUS- Something you have been hoping for and wishing for no longer looks so unlikely and over the next few days you can take giant steps towards making it a reality. All things are possible if you desire them enough.

PISCES- Some kind of showdown is likely today but that's good because the air needs to be cleared. Once it is done and dusted you will also need to make clear to partners and loved ones that you don't hold a grudge