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Horoscopes for July 11th







ARIES- What worked for you in the past won't necessarily work for you in the future, so be ready to move with the times. That applies as much to your personal life as it does to your work. Always be flexible.

TAURUS- Change may not come easy to those born under the sign of the Bull but change you must - and soon. Let the planets guide you today and let the world see that you've got an adventurous side too.

GEMINI- You already know what is and is not possible - you don't need anyone telling you - and if you apply that knowledge you will enjoy considerable success. If knowledge is power you've got the world at your feet.

CANCER-Others may make light of your efforts but if you believe in yourself it won't mean a thing. The planets indicate that you are on the verge of a major success, one that will make your critics green with envy.

LEO-  Whatever else you do over the next 24 hours you must live up to your responsibilities. The planets warn if you try to get out of what you are expected to do today you will have to do twice as much tomorrow.

VIRGO- You have some tough tasks ahead of you and no doubt you are worried that you might fail. Don't be. If you approach what you have to do in the right spirit you will win through sooner or later - probably sooner.

LIBRA- Saturn in your sign warns you must not take shortcuts. A job that is worth doing is a job that is worth doing well - and a job that is done well is likely to be well rewarded. That's what you need: incentive!

SCORPIO- You will have to be firm with a friend or work colleague today. If you let them off the hook now they will only let you down again later, and next time the consequences could be dire - so get tough.

SAGITTARIUS- Try not to be too eager when negotiating with people who have something you want. If they get the impression that you are desperate to have it you will end up paying double or even triple what it is worth

CAPRICORN- With Saturn, your ruler, moving through the career area of your chart you must be serious about your ambitions. As Saturn is also the planet of limitation you may not get a second chance if you miss out first time.



AQUARIUS- You have been thinking about making some big changes for quite some time but still you are in the same place. It's time to get serious about your future and that means taking that first step into the unknown.

PISCES- Everyone seems to be on your case at the moment and you are wondering what you have done to deserve such negativity. Don't worry, they will get over it and so will you. Your self-belief will carry you through.