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May 17th







ARIES- This has been a busy week for you, so maybe you need to slow down a bit. Right. And maybe the Sun will rise in the west and the tide won't come in. Aries NEVER slows down - it's not in your nature

TAURUS- Mars in your sign gives you all the energy and ambition you need to make a name for yourself, so go for it. Too often in the past you have waited for other people to give a lead - now the lead must come from you.

GEMINI- The thing you need to realize is that you don't have to enjoy something to be good at it. If fate points you in a certain direction today then that is the direction you should move, even if you don't want to.

CANCER- Listen to what others say you should do today - then do the opposite. You know your own mind better than they do so follow what your instincts tell you. Looking back you'll be the one who is smiling.

LEO- You will be confronted by someone who has more power than you today but that must not be allowed to faze you. They may have might on their side but you have right and that's why you will win in the end.

VIRGO- You may have strong opinions about an issue but don't waste your time shouting about it. Find ways you can make a practical difference, then get on with them quietly. It's not about words, it's about actions.

LIBRA- Having told so many people what you intend to accomplish don't you think it's about time you started actually doing it? Anyone can talk about making a difference but only a few people ever actually get round to it.

SCORPIO- Mars in your opposite sign of Taurus will help you get rid of an emotional attachment you no longer need. Scorpio has a reputation for ruthlessness and today it will be up front and center for everyone to see

SAGITTARIUS- You may be tempted to work twice as hard at something to make sure you get it done on time but is it necessary to put in so much effort and maybe exhaust yourself? You know the answer already, so ease up

CAPRICORN- Be careful what you start over the next 24 hours because you will have no choice but to finish it before you can move on to something else. Think before you act and don't let your passions rule you.

AQUARIUS- Chances are you will find yourself involved in some kind of dispute with your nearest and dearest. Whatever else happens you must resist the urge to open up old wounds. It's not about yesterday, it's about today.

PISCES- Someone else's good idea can be adapted by you to suit your own needs. Is that immoral? Of course not. There is no copyright on ideas, so you are free to take it and develop it any way you see fit.