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May 21st







ARIES- If you believe in what you are doing with all your heart - then nothing can stop you. The Sun is now moving through the communications area of your chart, which should make it easy to get others to do your bidding.

TAURUS- If you have a secret of some sort - and according to the planets you do - you must keep it to yourself today. The moment you let one person in on the details everyone will know. Some people are such gossips...

GEMINI- Although the Sun is now moving through your birth sign it seems you are still worrying about mistakes you made in the past. Why? Yesterday is over and done with, dead, gone, forgotten. Only tomorrow counts.

CANCER- You must expect to be more emotional about certain things over the next few weeks while the Sun creeps through the most sensitive area of your chart. Control those emotions but don't deny them - you're human after all.

LEO- Try to stand back from what you are doing and see the bigger picture. You have come a long way in a short space of time and it's likely that you have veered a little off course. It's no big deal though

VIRGO- You can sense that huge responsibilities are coming your way and no doubt that makes you want to hide under the duvet until they pass. That won't help in the slightest. Get up, get out into the world and get busy

LIBRA- You don't need to bludgeon your way to success. Libra is one of the more subtle signs of the zodiac, so find ways to get what you want without making a big noise about it - and certainly without making more enemies.

SCORPIO- Different people will tell you different things today and if you are smart you will ignore every last word of it. Your sixth sense is all you need to work out what is really going on. Listen to it, then act on it.

SAGITTARIUS- If you have something to say then get to the point quickly because those you deal with today won't be in the mood to listen to long explanations. Save the speeches for later when you've made your point and got their attention.

CAPRICORN- You have been so busy in recent weeks that you may not realize how much energy you have expended and how tired you are. The Sun's move through the wellbeing area of your chart urges you to slow down a bit.

AQUARIUS- The only reason a work colleague is being so critical is because they resent your success. Let them. There is nothing they can say or do to take away what you have earned so there is no need to fear them.

PISCES- Matters close to home will take up a large slice of your time over the next few days, so you will need to arrange your timetable with care so you have time to fit everything in. Keep domestic and career matters strictly apart.