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May 22nd








ARIES-If you are honest about what it is you desire then a friend will be honest with you about whether they can give it to you. Even if they can't they may still be able to put you in touch with someone who can.

TAURUS- It may seem as if you are out of step, logically and emotionally, with those around you, and maybe you are, but what of it? You are entitled to look at life any way you please, even if you are in a minority of one.

GEMINI- Not everyone cares about what you care about, and why should they? All you need to realize is that one good person - that's you - can make a world of difference. How? Simply by being yourself, today and every day.

CANCER- The road you are traveling down may not be of your own choosing but fate in its wisdom has pushed you in this direction so you would be wise not to fight against it. Worry less and life will be less of a struggle.

LEO -Others may be urging you to take a certain course of action but if your instincts tell you it's wrong then it's your instincts you must follow. It doesn't matter that you are unpopular, it matters only that you are right

VIRGO- Before you get more of what you desire it might be wise to create space by getting rid of what you no longer need - and your choices are many. Why hold on to things you will most likely never use again?

LIBRA- What you think is a problem is in fact an opportunity in disguise. The moment you realize this fact your mood will lighten and new opportunities will open up for you. You will soon be smiling again.

SCORPIO- The situation you face today is the same situation you faced yesterday and even the day before. So why have you still not resolved it? Come on, you're a Scorpio, you're supposed to be both smart and decisive

SAGITTARIUS- Be careful what you ask for over the next 24 hours because you are likely to get it, but not in quite the way you expected. Come the eclipse in your sign at the weekend you may even want to give it back again!

CAPRICORN- It would appear that you are involved in a feud of some kind and it is taking up far too much of your time and energy. Whatever it is about you must get over it quickly. There are more important things to focus on.

AQUARIUS- Don't just assume that loved ones know how you feel - tell them in words that make it impossible for them not to understand. Sometimes you can be a bit too cool for your own good. It's okay to be passionate.

PISCES- Both at home and at work you will get the chance to do good deeds today. Some of those who need your assistance may not be your favorite people but you'll help them anyway. With you, everyone counts