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Horoscopes for September 16th




ARIES- You need to reinforce your core values today — they keep you going, and you are more in touch with your deeper ideals. It’s one of those days when you might want to take a break from the daily grind.

TAURUS- An investment is showing a return, though it might not affect your bank account. See if you can get your people together for a party — your energy is just right for celebrating something new!

GEMINI- It’s a day of tall tales — you’ve got your own, of course, but others are more than willing to share theirs as well. Make sure that everyone gets the chance to shine, and that the entertainment never stops.

CANCER- Let loose with your craziest, wildest ideas today — even if they don’t work out, they may pave the way for even more intriguing options. Brainstorming is especially fruitful for you and your people

LEO- You’ve scored a major accomplishment — but you can’t say much of anything about it without coming across as pompous or conceited. Let others blow your horn, at least for the time being.

VIRGO- Your mental energy is potent and quite active today — so see if you can dig up new info on that office cutie or the mystery that surrounds your latest problem at home. You can figure it all out!

LIBRA- Show off just how gracious you can be today — which is quite a bit, as it turns out! Whether you’re entertaining guests at home or making someone new feel welcome at work, you’ve got what it takes

SCORPIO- You’re feeling the need for speed — but the rest of the world is not helping you out. Whether it’s just morning traffic or something elaborate interfering, like bureaucratic red tape, you need to find a way past it.

SAGITTARIUS- Listen carefully to your people today — communication is good, but you need some more serious connections to really break through. The odds are good that you make them by the end of the day.

CAPRICORN- Go through things as thoroughly as possible today — your mental energy is more than enough to take care of every last detail. See if you can get your people to pitch in when you need them the most.

AQUARIUS- Your past is catching up with you today. See if you can get a clue before it smacks you in the face — there’s quite a bit you can do about it to make sure that it’s a smooth transition for all involved.

PISCES- You’re feeling earthier and more domestic than usual, so you may want to indulge your gluttonous side by making a greatmealand devouring it — in good company, preferably! Life is great when you feel this way