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May 23rd







ARIES- Chances are you will waste a considerable amount of time today doing nothing in particular. And why shouldn't you? You can't be a livewire Aries every day of the week. Goof off a little - but only a little.

TAURUS- Why are you using up so much time and energy trying to change things you know cannot be changed? Yes, okay, your sense of purpose is impressive but there comes a point when it just becomes stupid. Give it up

GEMINI- Sometimes it's not wise to dig too deeply, especially in areas where people's secrets are concerned. If nothing else it gives other people an excuse to do a little digging in your affairs too - and where might that lead!

CANCER- If your instincts tell you that something is wrong you must not allow friends, family or work colleagues to persuade you otherwise. You are entitled to your point of view and you don't have to change it for anyone

LEO- Try to resist the urge to spend your hard-earned cash on things you don't really need. Yes, of course, there are more important things in life than money but that does not mean you are obliged to throw it away.

VIRGO- There is something a partner or loved one needs to be told and you know it is you who must tell it. You also know they won't be happy to be made to face up to the truth. Too bad. It's for their own benefit.

LIBRA- You desperately need a change of scene, so if you get the chance to go somewhere different today, even if it's just a walk round the block, take it. A new environment will give you a new perspective on your problems.

SCORPIO- Whatever setbacks you may have experienced recently your long-term outlook is good, so stop worrying. You may find that hard to believe but the planets don't lie. Get that smile back on your face - you're going places.

SAGITTARIUS- You may be tempted to open your heart and let everyone know how you feel but is that really such a bright idea? There are people out there who would happily use your honesty against you. Think before you speak.

CAPRICORN- The most important thing over the next few days is that you have faith in yourself, even if no one else has. Talent and experience are important, of course, but self-belief trumps everything. If you haven't got it, then get it.

AQUARIUS- You may have to say something to a friend that sounds a bit harsh but it is for their own good. They will be stronger for it in the long-term - and they will always remember it was you who made it possible.

PISCES- Be careful you don't jump to false conclusions today, especially if you are the kind of Pisces who thinks more with your heart than your head. Give others a chance to explain themselves before you pass sentence!