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May 28th







ARIES- Think big today. No, even bigger than that! With so much activity in the mind area of your chart your brain will be overflowing with ideas. Many of them will be good and a few may even be great.

TAURUS- Venus, your ruler, links with Jupiter, planet of good fortune, in the money area of your chart today, which suggests good things IF you think positive and act fast when an opportunity arises - and it will, very soon.

GEMINI- No matter how many serious issues you have to take care of you must make time for some fun and games over the next 24 hours. There are so many great things going on in your world - don't miss out on them.

CANCER- You may be tempted to keep your thoughts to yourself because you don't want to rock the boat but deep down you know that would be a mistake. If you see an injustice you must speak up. No one else will

LEO - Push work and financial worries to the back of your mind and focus on friendships. You cannot escape your obligations but neither do you have to let them rule your life. Think happy thoughts and happy things will occur.

VIRGO - Whatever it is you have to work on today you will be at your most efficient. Not everyone is as organized and focused as you though so try to be patient with those who find it hard to keep up.

LIBRA- Someone you work with will get on your nerves today but try to be tolerant because they possess something that you are going to need. It's unlikely they will choose to give it to you if you have hurt their feelings.

SCORPIO- Don't worry too much about the injustices of the world because you cannot possibly resolve them all. What you can do though is be kind to people you meet one-to-one. Even a smile makes the world a better place

SAGITTARIUS- Don't listen to that nagging voice at the back of your mind that is trying to convince you that having fun is a sin - because it's not. Life is about loving and laughing and learning. Have more fun, not less.

CAPRICORN- Do something drastic today, something that shakes up those people who seem to have slipped into an easygoing mode of thought and action. There is a world out there waiting to be conquered, so give it your all.

AQUARIUS- Your conscience demands that you follow a certain course of action and you know from long experience that if you don't obey you will regret it later. Do what has to be done and make sure you do it well

PISCES- You may want to gossip today but if you are wise you will keep what you know to yourself. The last thing you need is a reputation as a bit of a blabbermouth, because then no one will tell you anything.