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may 29th








ARIES-There is no point trying to avoid your obligations. Fortunately, what you have to do over the next few days won't be as difficult as you fear. Who knows, once you get started you may even enjoy it.

TAURUS- You seem to be avoiding a showdown with someone you love. It may be understandable but it's not very smart. The sooner you let each other know why you are so angry the sooner the healing process can begin.

GEMINI- Your luck is about to turn for the better and before you know it good things will be coming at you from all directions. Good people too - you will attract just the right person at just the right time.

CANCER- Aim to be a bit more tactful when dealing with colleagues. In a matter of days you will have a clearer picture of what needs to be done to turn a loss into a gain but you don't have to be pushy about it.

Leo- Make sure your long-term plans are practical. If you have not thought them through properly they could fall short of expectations. Know your goals, know how to reach them and, most importantly, have a Plan B ready.

VIRGO- You think too much and because you think too much you worry too much as well. The message of the stars is that you should stop analyzing each and every detail and just go with the flow. You can do it!

LIBRA- You may be yearning for things you are unlikely to get but over the next two or three days a more realistic attitude will set in. Then, remarkably, you will find that what you desire suddenly comes easily to you.

SCORPIO- Don't get so caught up in the social whirl today that you fail to notice a career opportunity of some kind. In a matter of weeks you could move several rungs up the ladder of success - but you've got to act fast.

SAGITTARIUS- You don't have time to wallow in negativity - there are far too many interesting things going on in the world. One special person needs help though. Spare them an hour of your time and get them smiling again

Capricorn- Do something that makes you feel good about yourself today. Your problems may seem huge but in reality they can't hurt you in the slightest. What is it that makes you feel glad to be alive? Do it some more!

Aquarius- Life will always offer you opportunities but it is up to you whether or not you do anything with them. An interesting new offer will come your way over the next few days. Seize it. Make it your own.

Pisces- Fame and fortune can be yours if you want them but do you really want them? As a Pisces you may prefer to keep a low profile, but if so that's a shame as you have so much to offer the world.