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June 3rd








ARIES- If you have any doubts at all about what you are asked to do today, either by a friend or by someone you work with, just say no. It may make you a bit unpopular but better that than you hate yourself.

TAURUS- What are you doing to make the world a better place? As Venus, your ruler, moves into the communications area of your chart today you can certainly do something, even if it's only spreading the word about what you believe.

GEMINI- Nothing and no one can stand in your way for long. Your rivals may be smart but you are in a different league entirely when it comes to brain power and cunning and will outmaneuver them with ease over the next few days.

CANCER- Venus, planet of emotional and material values, moves into your chart today, making this the ideal time to ask yourself what, and who, you think is most important in your life. Be honest about it, at least with yourself.

LEO- If you compromise your principles once today you will have to compromise them again and again throughout the coming week, so start as you mean to go on and refuse to do anything underhand. You're above that.

VIRGO- Not everyone can reach, let alone maintain, your high standards so try not to be too critical if a friend or work colleague falls short of expectations. Show them where they went wrong but do so in a friendly way.

LIBRA- Venus, your ruler, moves into the career area of your chart today, making it easier for you to get along with people in positions of power. Just be careful they don't use you entirely for their own ends. You must benefit too.

SCORPIO- As a Scorpio you always present a resolute face to the world, even when you feel fearful or threatened, and that will be a major help this week. You're the one everyone goes to when there is serious work to be done.

SAGITTARIUS- Your imagination is very active at the moment but watch out you don't go too far and scare yourself by imagining things that don't exist. The line between fact and fiction can sometimes get a bit blurred.

CAPRICORN- This is a great day for meeting people, especially friends you have not seen in a while. But it's also a great day for spending quality time with the one you love. Don't linger too long in front of the mirror though!

AQUARIUS- If you feel that you are being swamped with work then get someone to help you. Yes, of course, no one does as good a job as you but you can't carry on at this pace forever. Slow down before you fall down

PISCES- Mercury, planet of the mind, links well with Neptune, planet of self-sacrifice today, so find ways to help people, be they friends or be they strangers. You are at your best when giving - and the universe will give back to you.