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Horoscopes for July 17th






ARIES- Mars in your opposite sign of Libra will make partners and work colleagues more assertive today but that's okay as you know both how to give it and take it. Stand up to them if you want their respect.

TAURUS- Don't waste time on trivial matters. You have plenty of energy at your disposal but that does not mean you should waste it. The more you focus on essentials today the more you will benefit - financially and emotionally

GEMINI- Try not to worry about recent disappointments because even if they set you back in your plans you will more than make up for them over the next four or five weeks. Know what you want and believe you can get it.

CANCER- What seems wrong with your world at the moment is no big deal. Remind yourself occasionally that most of the things you get uptight about are of no real significance. Look at your life from a higher perspective.

LEO- Invitations of one kind or another will come thick and fast over the next few days. If you don't seem to have time to enjoy yourself it can only be because you are working too hard. Cut back on your commitments.

VIRGO- The most important thing now is that you keep the momentum you have built up going. Follow through on what you have started and don't allow yourself to be distracted by petty people and meaningless events.

LIBRA- Mars in your sign, allied to Jupiter today, gives you the self-belief you need not only to start new projects but to follow through on them in the face of opposition from rivals and doubters. You CAN make them work.

SCORPIO- There seems to be a lot of noisy people in your neighborhood at the moment. But are they really more loud and annoying than usual or are you in one of your sensitive moods? Probably the latter, so stay calm.

SAGITTARIUS- Mars in the friendship area of your chart makes this the ideal time to get involved in causes and movements that are close to your heart. Do more than just sign your name to the latest petition then forget about it.

CAPRICORN- Cosmic activity in the career area of your chart will give you a much-needed boost. Be assertive, be ambitious and be determined to succeed even if you have failed a dozen times before. You'll get it right this time.

AQUARIUS- You will stop at nothing to get the thrills and excitement you crave, even if you have to travel far away from home to get them. Today's Mars-Jupiter link makes you adventurous in the extreme. Watch out world!

PISCES- The more other people promise you today the more likely it is they will let you down or, worse, try to use you for their own ends. Do nothing unless you know for certain it won't cost you any money.