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June 4th








ARIES- Your head will rule your heart today, but in a good way. Facts and figures are of the utmost importance, so make sure you know what's going on and what it might mean to your long-term plans

TAURUS- There are times when it all seems to come together and this is one of them. Today's Mercury-Saturn link will clarify what before may have seemed a bit confusing. Yes, it really does all make perfect sense.

GEMINI- This is potentially one of the best times of the year for you and the closer you get to Saturday's new moon the more you will follow your instincts and the happier you will be. Have fun - it's what life's about.

CANCER- Something you visualize today can be more than just an idle daydream - it could turn out to be highly enjoyable and highly lucrative if you have the get up and go to make it happen. So, get up and get to it!

LEO- You may not want to seem mean, especially to those you love, but if you give them everything they ask for today you may have nothing left for yourself. And if you're not happy how can those around you be happy?

VIRGO- Go out of your way to be nice to people today, even though they may not always be nice to you. Someone in a position of power will be impressed by your ability to get along with all kinds of individuals.

LIBRA- Something you see or hear over the next few days will open your mind to the fact that the world is a bigger and more interesting place than you thought. Now all you need are some bigger and more interesting goals

SCORPIO- You may be a no-nonsense Scorpio but there is a kinder and gentler side to your nature that only those who know you really well get to see. Try letting a few more people in on the secret today.

SAGITTARIUS- You may think you can go it alone now but life will be so much easier if you have other people by your side. What you most need today is someone with the patience to handle negotiations and read the small print.

Capricorn- Do what you think is right, even if everyone around you seems to think it is wrong. If you follow your conscience today it's unlikely you will stray far from the path of righteousness - assuming there is such a path, of course.

Aquarius- Over the next few days the right thing will happen at just the right time and those fears that have been invading your thoughts will just fade away. The upcoming new moon will give your confidence a much-needed boost.

Pisces- You don't have to give away all your worldly goods but you do have to do something to help people who, through no fault of their own, are suffering in some way. Don't act on your own - involve yourself in a bigger cause.