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June 5th





ARIES- You may prefer to hide yourself away than deal with people who annoy you today, but that would be a shame because the planets indicate you have much to share, and much to gain from expressing your point of view.

TAURUS- Someone you live or work with will test your willingness to stand up for what you believe over the next 24 hours. Obviously they don't know you as well as they should. A Taurus NEVER gives in or backs down

GEMINI- You may be big enough and tough enough to face a worrying situation alone by there is no reason why you should. Call on friends and colleagues to back you up today - they will be happy to be of assistance.

CANCER- A loved one is eager to kiss and make up and so, deep down, are you, so get over your hurt feelings and get back together. And remember: everyone falls out occasionally - it's far from the end of the world.

LEO- According to the planets affairs of the heart need extra attention today, as do friendships that seem to be drifting apart. The upcoming new moon can heal any rift you want it to - but first that has to be your desire.

VIRGO- Most people respond well to reason but one particular person is behaving so badly that you may have no choice but to lay down the law. No one plays hardball better than Virgo - but only when you have to.

LIBRA- If someone offers you advice today you would be wise to listen and, if possible, take immediate action. The last thing they want is to see you make a silly and costly mistake - and you don't want to see it either.

SCORPIO- An opportunity to improve your status on the work front looks tempting but the planets warn it will mean a lot of extra responsibility and you already have too much on your plate. Let it pass, for now at least.

SAGITTARIUS- Your plans for the day should be based on what interests you, not on what other people expect of you. If you let them tell you what to do once they will do it again and again - so say "No" right from the start.

CAPRICORN- You may be doing well for yourself but you are also worried that the more you gain the more likely it is someone will come along and take it away from you. That's far too negative an attitude - and far too materialistic.

AQUARIUS- Routine tasks will come easy to you today and you will feel immensely pleased with yourself when it's all done. You will also be entitled to take it easy this evening, maybe in the company of a special friend.

PISCES- If you have something to say you must speak up, whatever the consequences might be. According to your solar chart a frank exchange of views is not just an option but a must. Without it, confusion and bad feelings will continue