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June 6th








ARIES- Someone will call on you to mediate a dispute today and while you would prefer not to get involved you can't really say No. Look at the facts and deliver your verdict - then get out of the way fast.

TAURUS- It may be tempting to get angry with someone who brings you bad news but it's not their fault - and won't solve a thing. Besides, if you are honest you will admit that a large slice of the blame rests with you.

GEMINI- Cosmic activity in and around your birth sign may make all things possible but you still need to select your aims with care. Even a Gemini has only a fixed amount of time and energy to invest, so use it wisely.

CANCER- For some reason you appear to believe that if you don't act immediately you will miss out completely. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, you should drag your feet a little. See what the weekend brings.

LEO- If you try to please too many people you will end up pleasing no one, least of all yourself. You can't do favors for everyone but you can do favors for those who count the most - or whose need is most urgent

VIRGO- A plan or project that is close to your heart is beginning to come together and you are almost ready to announce it to the world at large. That's great but don't be too hasty - make sure it's foolproof first.

LIBRA- Don't read too much into what other people say today: most likely they are talking about things they know nothing about. Always trust your instincts, even when they lead you in different directions to everyone else.

SCORPIO- Put the past behind you and move on with a smile. Whatever mistakes you may have made they mean nothing now, so why make a big issue of them? Life is a learning experience, with lots of loving and laughing too

SAGITTARIUS- Never mind what others expect of you, what do you expect of yourself? That question is always important but never more so than now as the approaching new moon maximizes your options. Identify your goals, then go for them.

CAPRICORN- You may not be the sort to back out of a fight but you are smart enough not to start one when you know you can't win. Someone you work with may be a drag but they also have all the power, so be nice

AQUARIUS- Tempers may get a bit frayed today but looking back later you may wonder what all the fuss was about. Still, it's always good to get bad feelings out in the open, even though there may be no reason for them.

PISCES- Pay attention to a work colleague's personal needs today because their interests and your interests are more closely connected than you might imagine. What you help them with now will come back to you later on.