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June 10th






ARIES- Try to realize that not everyone thinks or feels the same way as you. A clash of viewpoints is likely today but it will only be a problem if you insist that you are right and others are wrong. It's all relative.

TAURUS- You may prefer to stick with what you know and trust today rather than take a risk on something new. That's up to you, of course, but it's also a shame because a little bit of courage could change your life completely.

GEMINI- Keep telling yourself that the changes now taking place are not nearly as bad as some people claim. As a matter of fact they could actually be beneficial, for you anyway, so make sure you have a positive attitude.

CANCER- You are not as conformist as some people think and what you do over the next few days will prove that fact several times over. Expect a bit of a backlash though - some people just don't like surprises

LEO- Try not to give too much away today, especially on the work front where knowledge is most definitely power. The less others know about what you are up to the more likely it is your efforts will be a success.

VIRGO- For some reason you are a bit more aggressive than usual, which could lead to confrontations at home and at work. Does that thought worry you? Of course not. What matters is that you get things done.

LIBRA- It's time to get serious about your long-term aims and that means, inevitably, getting rid of certain short-term aims that eat up your time and your energy. Think about tomorrow but act entirely in the here and now

SCORPIO- The planets will smooth your path as the new week begins and you will find it quite easy to get your way both in the professional sphere and in your private affairs. If you want something, just ask for it.

SAGITTARIUS- Try not to let little things annoy you today because if your temper gets the better of you there is no telling where it might lead. Whatever other people might say or do treat it all as a big joke.

CAPRICORN- If a commitment of some sort is not working out then maybe you should cut your losses and get out. It won't be easy - Capricorns hate admitting defeat - but let common sense (and the contents of your wallet) guide you.

AQUARIUS- Some things can be put off indefinitely because they are not really important but you have been putting off something that MUST be forced through to a conclusion. Make this the week when you finally crack it.

PISCES- Yes, all things are possible but don't get silly and change things for the sake of it today - chances are you will just have to change them back again later. Aim to be more selective in your passions and pursuits.