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Horoscopes for July 18th







ARIES-Temptation will come knocking today. Do you answer the door and let it in, or do you call on all your powers of self-control and ignore it? Only you can decide but consider this: is enjoying yourself really a sin?

TAURUS- You may find it hard to control your emotions today. Pluto, planet of extremes, will make you a bit touchy and maybe a bit jealous too, so watch you don't go over the top and say something you later regret

GEMINI- Someone you work with seems determined to find fault with everything you do and it's getting you down. All you can do is sit tight and wait for them to get fed up with their carping. Pretend they don't exist.

CANCER- Close your ears to rumors and gossip because hardly any of what you hear today will be true. Someone is trying to poison your mind against a person you have known and trusted for years. Don't let it happen.

LEO- Steer clear of a feud that is none of your business. If you get involved it will make it appear you have taken sides - and before you know it you'll be involved in a war of words no one can win.

VIRGO- The more others say you need to make changes the more you must resist. This is not the right time to throw everything up in the air. That applies as much to your personal life as it does to your career.

LIBRA-  Something you have grown used to over the years will go out of your life today but that's good because it has been taking up more time and space than it deserves. Make room for new things and new people

SCORPIO- Don't be silly and make promises you might want to back out of later on. And don't use emotional blackmail to get what it is you most desire. What will you do if loved ones decide to call your bluff?

SAGITTARIUS- Both at home and at work you should strive for a more relaxed and forgiving attitude today - not because other people deserve to be forgiven but because it will be you who suffers most if you get uptight.

CAPRICORN-If things don't work out the way you plan today chances are it's only a temporary setback, so there's no need to panic. Have more patience with yourself and, most importantly, think long-term in everything you do

AQUARIUS- No matter how much others may say you should loosen the purse strings you know it's the wrong thing to do. Luxury items must stay off your shopping list until such time as you can genuinely afford them

PISCES- Passions will be running high today, so think before you act both at home and at work. If someone in your family does not like the friends you hang out with come right out with it and ask them why.