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June 13th






ARIES- If there is something you want to tell the world you will get your chance over the next few days. Whether it's worth hearing remains to be seen but you will certainly make your point - maybe quite loudly!

Taurus- According to the planets you are about to benefit from a remarkable stroke of luck but you will kick yourself repeatedly if you don't take full advantage of it. Partners and loved ones may kick you too!

GEMINI- You may have energy to spare today but that does not mean you can waste it. The Sun, Mars and Jupiter in your sign make all things possible, but there is one thing only you should be focusing on now.

CANCER- You seem to be a bit more adventurous than usual, and that's good. You certainly won't worry what the neighbors might think about what you are up to - in fact you will quite enjoy shocking them

LEO- No matter how much time and energy you put into something, if your heart is not in it you won't make a good job of it. The message of the stars is to love what you are doing - or don't do it at all.

VIRGO- The only reason you are under pressure is because you have too many things on the go - and the only reason you have too many things on the go is because you can't say "No". It's about time you learned how

LIBRA- You have a busy schedule ahead of you, so if you get the chance to take a break over the next 24 hours you would be wise not to waste it. You may not get another opportunity for quite some time.

SCORPIO- One course of action is right and one course of action is wrong. Not that it matters a whole lot to you. It seems you have already decided what it is you are going to do - whether or not others approve.

SAGITTARIUS- It is important that you give loved ones space to be themselves today, because if you restrict their freedom they may rebel. Do you fear losing them? That's more likely to happen if you cling too tightly

CAPRICORN- Promise yourself that no matter how irritating certain people may be you won't let them get under your skin. The only weapons they have to use against you are words and words only hurt if you let them.

AQUARIUS- What happens today may or may not be important but how you react to it most certainly is. The best reaction, of course, is to steer a middle course - try not to be either too happy or too sad.

PISCES- Something unexpected will occur today, something that makes you look at life in a slightly different way. Once you get past certain ideas that have been holding you back you will discover a new world of possibilities.