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June 14th







ARIES- Good things are sure to come your way today but exactly what kind of good things remains to be seen. You may well benefit from something you hear, maybe when you should not have been listening.

TAURUS- Anyone who tries to make you feel that you have done something wrong is not a friend and best avoided. Fortunately, your mood is positive at the moment, so it's unlikely you will be too fazed.

GEMINI- You will sail through what has to be done today. You will find ways to overcome any obstacle that is placed in your path. Gemini is one of the more adaptable signs of the zodiac, and that works in your favor.

CANCER- You have much to think about today and you need to make sure you are not interrupted by people whose problems are, to your mind at least, rather trivial. Find a quiet corner where you can think in peace

LEO- What appeared so difficult yesterday will suddenly be the easiest thing in the world for you today. Chances are it wasn't actually that difficult at all - you were just in an unnecessarily negative frame of mind.

VIRGO- Stop worrying what other people might think and do what you feel is right. Sometimes you can be a bit too analytical for your own good, so switch off the little gray cells and let your heart guide you.

LIBRA- You may have to tell someone that you cannot deliver on what you promised. The chances are they won't mind in the slightest - they may even be relieved. Seems like they didn't want you to do it anyway.

SCORPIO- The solution to a problem is simplicity itself but you are unlikely to see it if you are so convinced there has been an injustice that your eyes are full of tears of rage. Calm down, it's really not that important

SAGITTARIUS- Stop panicking and trust your instincts. If you listen to the small voice inside your head (or is it your heart?) you will soon find a way out of your dilemma. It's amazing what a bit of perspective can do.

CAPRICORN- People you work with may say or do things you don't approve of today but in the greater scheme of things it's no big deal, so don't get uptight. By all means laugh when they discover they've made fools of themselves.

AQUARIUS- With both Mars and Jupiter moving through the most dynamic area of your chart at the moment you are full of confidence and eager to show what you can do. So, what can you do? Absolutely anything you like. Be adventurous.

PISCES- What happens today will encourage you to believe that the good days are on their way back but that is not an invitation to do something stupid. Keep your ultimate goal in mind at all times, and keep moving towards it.