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June 19th







Discovery cameras will be at the Grand Canyon this Sunday when Nik Wallenda walks across a tightrope — without a net below him or a harness — 1,500 feet above the Little Colorado River.“Skywire Live With Nik Wallenda” is airing live at 8 p.m., with one caveat — a 10-second delay.But Discovery executive producer Howard Swartz says the delay is standard operating procedure and isn’t because of what you’re probably thinking — like what if Wallenda doesn’t make it to the other side?

The Voice has a new champ! The winner was crowned at Tuesday's star-studded finale, which featured a rare performance by Cher and performances by Bruno Mars, Pitbull and Christina Aguilera, who'll be back in her swivel chair next season, along with fellow coach Cee Lo Green. Danielle Bradbery, of Team Blake Shelton, has taken The Voice title for season four – beating out Michelle Chamuel of Team Usher, who came in second, and The Swon Brothers, Zach and Colton, of Team Blake, who nabbed third place.

Chalk up a victory for Charlie Sheen ... 'cause Selma Blair has officially been 86'd from "Anger Management."TMZ broke the story ... Sheen personally fired Blair over the weekend after hearing that she was complaining about his work ethic behind his back. Sheen then went to producers and issued an ultimatum -- get rid of Selma ... or I quit.Seems producers sided with Charlie -- 'cause Lionsgate, the studio behind the show, just released a statement saying, "We are confirming that Selma Blair will not be returning to Anger Management and we wish her the very best."

Angelina Jolie's decision to get a double mastectomy after learning she had the breast cancer gene mutation has been lauded by many as courageous, empowering, and even heroic. But singer-songwriter Melissa Etheridge -- a breast cancer survivor herself -- thinks it's actually the opposite of those things.Asked about Jolie's recent New York Times op-ed, in which she revealed the news of her mastectomy and breast reconstruction, Etheridge told the Washington Blade that she wouldn't make the same decision for herself. Nor would she encourage others to do so without properly researching their options. "I have to say I feel a little differently," the Grammy-winning chanteuse (who, incidentallyperformed at Brad Pitt's wedding to Jennifer Aniston) said of the choice to get a preventive mastectomy. "I have that gene mutation too, and it's not something I would believe in for myself. I wouldn't call it the brave choice. I actually think it's the most fearful choice you can make when confronting anything with cancer."  "My belief is that cancer comes from inside you, and so much of it has to do with the environment of your body. It's the stress that will turn that gene on or not. Plenty of people have the gene mutation and everything, but it never comes to cancer," she continued, noting that surgical removal of one's breasts is "way down the line on the spectrum of what you can do" to lessen your risk of the disease. "I've been cancer-free for nine years now, and looking back, I completely understand why I got cancer," she added. "There was so much acidity in everything. I really encourage people to go a lot longer and further before coming to that conclusion (of a mastectomy)." "I want to encourage every woman, especially if you have a family history of breast or ovarian cancer, to seek out the information and medical experts who can help you through this aspect of your life, and to make your own informed choices," she wrote.



KATY PERRY says that RUSSELL BRAND told her he was divorcing her in a TEXT MESSAGE.  She also hints that there was a MYSTERY REASON behind the spit.  She says, quote, "I felt a lot of responsibility for it ending, but then I found out the REAL truth, which I can't necessarily disclose because I keep it locked in my safe for a rainy day."

"I let go and I was like, 'This isn't because of me, this is beyond me.'  So I have moved on from that."Even if Russell hadn't ended it, Katy was becoming irritated with him.  (Which is surprising . . . mostly because it TOOK HER THAT LONG.)She says, quote, "[He was] hysterical in some ways.  Until he started making jokes about me and he didn't know I was in the audience, because I had come to surprise him at one of his shows.  So.  Hysterical to a point."And he'd never show up at HER shows.  She says, quote, "You saw that in [my movie, 'Katy Perry: Part of Me'].  That wasn't edited to leave footage out.  There wasn't any footage of him."For the past year or so, Katy has been in an on-again, off-again relationship with JOHN MAYER.  When she gave this interview, it was OFF-AGAIN . . . but she was spotted hanging out with him earlier this month.She says, quote, "It's over.  I was madly in love with him.  I still am madly in love with him.  All I can say about that relationship is that he's got a beautiful mind . . . Beautiful mind, tortured soul."I do have to figure out why I am attracted to these broken birds."

RUSSELL BRAND hijacked an interview on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" yesterday, and lightly reprimanded the show's hosts for not being better journalists.  He also referred to co-host Mika Brzezinski as a, quote, "shaft grasper" because of the suggestive way she was holding her water bottle.

 MILEY CYRUS is hinting that she DOES smoke weed, but she doesn't think that should be a big deal.  She says, quote, "I think alcohol is WAY more dangerous than marijuana . . . I've seen a lot of people spiral down with alcohol, but I've never seen that happen with weed."  She also denies that she's singing about ECSTASY in her single "We Can't Stop".

Apparently, yesterday was NOT a good day for two of the actors who have played John Connor in a "Terminator" movie.  Here's what went down:

1.  EDWARD FURLONG was charged with assaulting his ex-girlfriend and threatening her if she called the police.  He was also charged with vandalism for damaging her laptop and, quote, "photo equipment."  The incident happened back in May, when Edward was arrested inside his ex's home, even though she had a restraining order against him.  In all, he's been hit with three felonies and a misdemeanor.If he's convicted, Edward could be looking at up to four years in prison.  He has pleaded not guilty.

2. claims NICK STAHL has been placed under a "5150 psychiatric hold" at an L.A. hospital.  That's the kind of thing that happens when you do something really crazy . . . like try to commit suicide. The site says there are, quote, "no confirmations" that Nick attempted to take his own life . . . so it's unclear what happened.  All we know is that a friend of his took him to the hospital at around 3:30 A.M. yesterday morning.



 JUSTIN BIEBER had a run-in with a paparazzi photographer Monday night.  And by run-in, I mean he nailed him with his CAR while he was leaving the Laugh Factory in Hollywood.TMZ posted two videos of it, and you can clearly see Justin's white Ferrari sideswipe the guy.  Then the guy lies on the ground . . . milking it . . . and eventually some other paparazzi scumbags pick him up, and carry him to the curb.

MISS UTAH, MARISSA POWELL, was on the "Today" show yesterday to talk about the terrible, rambling answer she gave at the Miss USA pageant on Sunday.The question was about equal pay for women, and her answer included the idea that we need to, quote, "create education better."This time, her answer was much better . . . because obviously she had plenty of time to prepare it.She said, quote, "It needs to be equal pay for equal work.  It's hard enough already to earn a living, and it shouldn't be harder just because you're a woman." 

BRAD PITT'S 11-year-old son Maddox has a brief cameo as a zombie in "World War Z" . . . and Brad says he "gets shot in the head multiple times."  He adds, quote, "I don't know what that says about me as a parent."  Four of Brad's other five kids with ANGELINA JOLIE have also done bit parts in movies.

The fifth game of the NBA Finals was the most watched show of the week with 16.3 million viewers.  The top three spots in the ratings were held by the Spurs-Heat games.  After last night's Game 6, the series is now tied 3-3.This was also a big week for golf and hockey:  8.4 million golf fans watched British golfer Justin Rose defeat Phil Mickelson in Sunday's final round of the U.S. Open.And the first game of the Stanley Cup Finals had 6.4 million viewers for NBC, while the second game averaged 4 million viewers on cable for NBC's sports network. The Boston Bruins now lead the Chicago Blackhawks, 2-1.  Their fourth game of the Stanley Cup airs tonight at 8:00 P.M. Eastern on NBC.

 1.  Game 5 of the NBA Finals between the Heat and Spurs, ABC, 16.3 million viewers.

2.  Game 4 of the NBA Finals, ABC, 16.2 million viewers

3.  Game 3 of the NBA Finals, ABC, 14 million viewers

4.  "The Voice", NBC, 11.9 million viewers for last Monday's episode

5.  "America's Got Talent", NBC, 11.5 million viewers








LIL WAYNE claims he did NOT intend to desecrate the American flag at a video shoot recently.  In a clip that popped up online, a giant American flag was dropped on the ground, and Wayne spent a minute walking and dancing on it. Wayne Tweeted, quote, "I didn't step on the flag on purpose!  It's a scene in a video where the flag drops behind me and after it drop, it's just there as I perform."

RIHANNA went after a fan with her MICROPHONE after they got too grabby at a concert in Birmingham, England on Monday.In a video that's popped up online, Rihanna is down in front of the stage, handing out high-fives while she sings "We Found Love".  Then you can see someone yank on her shirtsleeve, and she swings the mic at them.It's not clear if the person who grabbed her was a man or a woman



• "Stanley Cup Finals" [Game 4] . . . 8:00 to 11:00 P.M. Eastern on NBC.  The Boston Bruins host the Chicago Blackhawks.

• "The Big Brain Theory" [1st Season Finale] . . . 7:00 to 8:00 P.M. on Discovery.

 • "MasterChef" . . . 8:00 to 10:00 P.M. on Fox.  Jane Lynch, Cory Monteith, and Matthew Morrison guest as the contestants prepare meals for the cast of "Glee".