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June 26th








ARIES- There is nothing to fear but fear itself and if you keep that thought in mind for the rest of the week you will do very well indeed. Once you have got over your anxieties try helping loved ones get over theirs.

TAURUS- Support someone in their hour of need, even if it means you have to disrupt your schedule and fall behind in what you were doing. A friend in need is a blessing, not a curse. Show how good your heart is.

GEMINI- You may have serious things to do but you must still make the most of your leisure time. The planets warn you will regret it if you work too hard when you don't have to. Only do what makes you smile.

CANCER- The more others try to shout you down the more you must raise your voice. You are entitled to hold a dissenting view, no matter how strange it may seem to more traditional types. Speak up and be heard

LEO- Someone you do not entirely trust will be unusually friendly towards you today and no doubt you will at first be suspicious. It will soon be apparent though that they genuinely want to get along with you better.

VIRGO- Try not to make decisions on emotion alone. You are at your best when using your head, so stay in control of your feelings and search for a rational solution to whatever happens - you'll find it if you look.

LIBRA- You may want to cut corners and take risks but others are not so bold and you will find you have to leave certain people behind over the next 24 hours. It's not a case of "right" or "wrong", just "different".

SCORPIO- What you hear today may not please you but at least you are no longer in the dark. Rivals and enemies can be dealt with once you know who they are. Try not to be too harsh with them though!

SAGITTARIUS- Jupiter, your ruler, moves into the wealth area of your chart today, so your money situation should start to improve over the next few weeks. It will improve faster if you get out into the world and make things happen.

CAPRICORN - Focus on personal relationships today, even if by doing so you have to neglect other areas such as your work and social life. One-to-one contacts are under excellent stars, so reach out to someone with love.

AQUARIUS- Don't waste time moaning that some things have not gone right for you, just pick yourself up, dust yourself down and get on with your life. You have what it takes to turn minor setbacks into major triumphs.

PISCES- You don't have to do it all on your own - your life is full of friends and loved ones who will happily help you out in any way they can. If you need assistance today just ask - and be amazed at the offers you get.