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July 1st






ARIES- If a friend or work colleague insists on doing something a certain way there is no point arguing about it - you will only fall out. Whatever your misgivings maybe you should play along, to keep them sweet

TAURUS- With Venus, your ruler, at loggerheads with Saturn today you may find that your options are restricted. Don't worry. By this time next week, when Saturn moves in your favor, you'll be the one calling the shots.

GEMINI- You may feel a bit left out of things today - it seems there is plenty going on but not where you happen to be. How frustrating. Don't worry. In a matter of days you will be the center of attention again.

CANCER- There may come a moment today when you wonder if a relationship of some kind is really worth the effort. Maybe it is and maybe it isn't but don't make any decisions just yet. Tomorrow you will feel differently.

LEO- You can be rather extravagant at times and if you have spent too much in recent weeks you will have to start looking for ways to plug the gap in your finances. Work more and spend less - yes, it's really that easy.

VIRGO- What seems like a negative event isn't really a negative event at all - you are just looking at it from the wrong angle. The closer you get to next weekend's new moon the clearer your thoughts will be

LIBRA- You won't be in the most trusting of moods today, thanks to Saturn's less than helpful influence, but don't get too suspicious or you may alienate your friends. If you can, keep yourself apart. Spend some quiet time alone.

SCORPIO- Difficult cosmic influences at the start of the week may bring one or two challenges but you will handle them with ease. Overall this is still an exceptionally good phase for you, so be positive at all times.

SAGITTARIUS- Others may pour scorn on your ideas today but only because they don't share your ability to look beyond the present. Don't let their negativity affect you in any way. Follow your dreams no matter where they may lead

CAPRICORN- You may be inclined to give up on a project but that would be a major overreaction on your part. Just don't think about it for a while - you'll come back to it later in the week full of passion and optimism again.

AQUARIUS- It would be nice if you could turn your back on your problems and pretend they don't exist but you can't, so get real and do something to resolve them. Action is the cure for all troubles, be they real or imagined.

PISCES- You worry too much. The tide of fortune is turning in your favor in obvious ways yet you still seem to fear the worst. Why? Stop torturing yourself and find reasons to smile again - there are so many of them.