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July 5th







ARIES- You know better than to ignore your instincts but not everyone is as switched on as you and a friend or relative is going to make a major mistake today. Be there for them. Show them how it should be done

TAURUS- Don't worry if what you do today does not meet with universal approval. If you aimed to please everyone you would not get much done - and, of course, that would give them something else to moan about

GEMINI- Words can hurt as well as heal, so think before you speak today or you could severely bruise a loved one's ego. Having said that, don't go to the other extreme and say nothing at all because you fear upsetting them.

CANCER- Your world looks pretty good at the moment but don't let that lull you into a false sense of security. Someone you do business with may try to rip you off over the next 24 hours, so keep your wits about you.

LEO- Some of the people you have been dealing with lately are clearly greedy and most likely treacherous too, but that does not mean you have to sink to their level. Protect your interests but do so according to the rules

VIRGO- Unexpected events will throw you out of your stride today but in the greater scheme of things it's no big deal, so stay calm and stick with the program. You know what your target is - keep moving towards it.

LIBRA- You will find it easy enough to explain your point of view today but that does not mean everyone is going to understand it. The sad fact is not everyone shares your quickness of mind, so make allowances.

SCORPIO- Anything is possible if you believe in it enough - yes, absolutely anything. The danger today is that certain well-meaning people may try to persuade you to lower your sights a little. Don't do it. Aim ever higher.

SAGITTARIUS- There are so many good things going on in your world, so many opportunities waiting to be exploited, that it would be a crime to just sit there and do nothing. What is it that would please you the most? So do it!

CAPRICORN- Pluto in your sign places the focus on wealth, which means you need to take care when dealing with money matters of one sort or another. Don't think about how much you might make, think about how much you might lose!

AQUARIUS- Why is it that only you can see the answers? Why is it that everyone around you is blind to common sense? If you think like that then maybe the problem is really with you. People are different and always will be

PISCES- Love. Laughter. Learning. If you have these three things in your life then you are fortunate indeed. What you learn today will make you laugh and the more you laugh the more you will love your fellow man.