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July 20th






ARIES- Be careful what you say today - it might offend work colleagues and those in positions of power. The fact is some people can't handle the truth, no matter how much you try to wrap it up in sugar coating.

TAURUS- You seem to see plots and conspiracies wherever you look. You see way too much! Yes, it's possible that someone is planning to make life difficult for you, but more likely it's your imagination playing tricks on you.

GEMINI- Do something that brings the smiles back to the faces of those you live, work and do business with. The world isn't really such a bad place — in fact, at times it's a lot of fun, so stop taking life so seriously.

CANCER-Don't give up on a plan or project that does not seem to be making much progress. The planets indicate you are not far away from a breakthrough - if you admit defeat now all your hard work will be wasted.

LEO-  The moon's eclipse of Mercury means you will find it hard to commit yourself to anything of substance today. The more others pressure you to take sides the more you should sit on the fence - it's the safest place.

VIRGO- You seem prone to negative thoughts at the moment, even though there is no evidence you have anything to fear. If you want to feel more secure avoid situations where you are not fully in control of what's going on

LIBRA- If you give way by even a small amount today you will be expected to do it again and again and before you know it you will have lost most of what you gained in recent weeks. Stand your ground.

SCORPIO- The moon's eclipse of mind planet Mercury warns you may have overlooked some small but important detail. Before going any further retrace your footsteps and see what it could be. You'll be glad you did.

SAGITTARIUS- You may want to confide in a friend or colleague but the planets warn that isn't such a good idea. Some people can be awful blabbermouths and the last thing you want is for everyone to know your secrets.

CAPRICORN- It can be easy sometimes to wallow in self-pity and over the next 24 hours you will have to make a conscious effort to look on the bright side. Never forget that life is supposed to be fun.


AQUARIUS- Someone in a position of power will give you a hard time today, most likely because you refuse to toe the line and do what they expect of you. Good for you. Don't let them push you around.

PISCES- The reason why something no longer works for you is because times have changed, but you have stayed locked in the past. What can you do to bring yourself into the 21st century? Start doing it today.