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July 11th






ARIES- Take life at a more civilized pace today - well, civilized by your standards anyway. You don't have to work your fingers to the bone to make a good impression. Come to that, you don't HAVE to make a good impression.

TAURUS- You may be unenthusiastic about what you have to do but do it anyway and strive to make a good job of it. If you make an effort for other people now they will be more inclined to make an effort for you later.

GEMINI- You may need to lower your sights a little over the next 24 hours. It's good to aim high but according to the planets your current aims reside in a galaxy far, far away. Bring them back to Earth today.

CANCER- You know something that your rivals do not and it can give you the kind of edge you need to get ahead of the pack and stay ahead. But you've got to be bold. Knowledge is power only if you are prepared to use it.

LEO- Others will talk you up like mad today and, of course, you'll love every moment of it. But why are they so determined to make you look good? Are they just being friendly or is there a deeper, less agreeable motive?

VIRGO- If there is someone you want to impress all you have to do is open your mouth and tell them what you think. The fact that you do think, when so many in the world today do not, puts you at a distinct advantage.

LIBRA- For some reason you appear to believe that you have to work twice as hard and move twice as fast as your rivals but is that true? Don't put pressure on yourself when you don't have to. Life is hard enough already

SCORPIO- You may not be the most forgiving member of the zodiac but you are smart enough to realize that an ongoing feud is a waste of time. Do what you have to do to heal the rift, then move on to more important things.

SAGITTARIUS- You will be under quite a bit of pressure today and maybe of the kind that you are not naturally equipped to handle. Whatever happens you must stay calm. Make out you are in full control, even if you're not!

CAPRICORN- You are in an unusually light-hearted and carefree mood at the moment, which is good, but a work colleague will seek to burst your bubble by making demands that cannot be met. Smile sweetly and tell them to forget it!

AQUARIUS- Minor problems are likely to have far-reaching consequences today, so think before you act and, if you are not sure which course of action is best, take no action at all. Come tomorrow the problem will have resolved itself.

PISCES- You have so much going for you now but for some weird reason you seem to believe that your life is falling apart. Try standing back from your everyday worries so you can see the bigger picture. Your life is actually a masterpiece.