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July 12th






ARIES- You are not usually the trusting sort but you seem determined to see only the best in people today. Good for you but don't go too far and believe everyone is on your wavelength. Some people have a bad side too.

TAURUS- You have so much work to finish before the weekend that you may be at a loss to know how to get it all done. Don't worry, the planets will provide. All you have to do is make a start and then keep going

GEMINI- Wherever you go and whatever you do today people will greet you like a long lost friend - even people you barely know. You must be doing something right to get this kind of response, so carry on as you are

CANCER- It seems you have been rather obsessive about someone you live or work with. For some reason you have been thinking about this person night and day. Is that healthy? Probably not. Think about something else today.

LEO- Friends and colleagues will rally round and make life easy for you today. What have you done to deserve this kind of assistance? Probably nothing much at all but you do have a knack for attracting people who idolize you.

VIRGO- It might be wise to leave your credit card at home today because if you use it once you won't know when to stop. Use cash only and limit yourself to a certain amount. If you haven't got enough then too bad

LIBRA- People you meet and do business with today may not be very talkative but from the look in their eyes and the way they position themselves you will know exactly what they are thinking. You read body language so well.

SCORPIO- It's good to be open-minded but that does not mean you can allow people with silly theories to waste your time. The Sun in Cancer promotes broader thinking but some thinking is too outrageous to take seriously

SAGITTARIUS- Don't shut yourself away from the world. No matter how vulnerable you may feel at the moment you need to be around people because it is only through personal contact that you can rise above this negative phase.

CAPRICORN- Make a point of being calm and collected today because what happens over the weekend will try your patience to the limit. Whatever annoying things may be going on in your life strive to keep them in perspective.

AQUARIUS- You are desperate to be on the move and will be impatient with people who think or act too slowly. Your journey will be a lot more pleasant if you relax and stop looking at your watch so often. Time doesn't matter

PISCES- If you are confused about something then you must speak up. There is nothing wrong in admitting that you don't "get" it and it's unlikely you are the only one. You will be doing many people a favor