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July 15th






ARIES- You may not be a peacemaker by nature but you can help defuse an explosive situation by standing between the warring parties and insisting that they cool down. Or, of course, you can take sides and start swinging.

TAURUS- The only danger this week is that you might give up on something before you have really started. However difficult the task ahead of you may look it is not impossible and failure is not a foregone conclusion. Be positive.

GEMINI- You may sometimes act as if you don't care about what's going on in the world but you do and over the next few days you will find ways to make a difference. It may not be much but something is better than nothing.

CANCER- Listen to your head by all means today but let your heart have the last word. As a Cancerian your emotions run deep and someone is about ignite your passions in a way they have not been ignited for quite some time.

LEO- As it's the first day of a new week why not put your troubles behind you completely? Is that actually possible? Of course it is. Your reality is a reflection of what goes on in your mind. Change that and everything changes.

VIRGO- Whatever you are working on you can and you will make a success of it, even if you make a few mistakes in the short-term. It's no big deal. In fact, learning from your errors is all part of the journey.

LIBRA- You have been through a stressful time of late, so wind down a bit and find ways to have fun without pushing yourself too hard physically or emotionally. Be kind to yourself today, and every day from now on.

SCORPIO- You deserve the best and you will get the best but it may not arrive quite as quickly as you expected. That's okay. The longer you have to wait the better the taste of success will be. It's the anticipation that counts.

SAGITTARIUS- What worried you yesterday is not what will worry you today and what worries you today won't be what worries you tomorrow. Which begs the question: why worry at all? Life is a game and games are there to be enjoyed.

Capricorn- Don't just assume that someone knows how much you care for them: spell it out so there can be no misunderstandings. Capricorn may have a reputation as being a bit of a cold fish but it's not true. You're really all heart.

AQUARIUS- You may be behind in your schedule and you may be worrying how you can catch up but is there really any point? You know from long experience that it will all work out in the end. Somehow it always does

PISCES- It will pay you to be a bit more forgiving of people who have let you down or who do not come up to your exacting standards. You'll feel better for it yourself and they will admire and praise your generosity of spirit.