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Horoscopes for September 19th






ARIES- Today is all about communication, and your ease with words and facial expressions should help you to make the most of it! Now is the time to let people know just where they stand with you.

TAURUS- You worry about that one friend a little — they’re acting out of character. But take a second look — it may be you who’s uncharacteristically freaky today. Try to take it easy for now.

GEMINI- You’ve got plenty going on today — but not too much! It’s a good idea for you to step up and take care of the big, important stuff first, as you know you’ll get to the fun stuff eventually.

CANCER- You take your responsibilities seriously, and today brings at least one new one your way. It could be that you’ve got to have a serious talk with a familymember, or maybe work later than you want to.

LEO- You’re feeling quite impressed with someone new today — so make sure that you’re turning that energy around and impressing them right back! You’re more than up to the task, so go for it!

VIRGO- Your mental energy is sharper than usual today, so make the most of it! You can reason through things more quickly than usual, and that could mean that you’re ahead of the pack by the end of the day.

LIBRA- You see both sides of everything, which sometimes carries a cost — but not today! Your energy is just right for making sure that people are on your side, so say yes to as much as you can.

SCORPIO- You’re feeling more cautious than usual — and you need to go with that feeling, especially when it comes to work or business. See if you can play it safe for the rest of the day.

SAGITTARIUS- Someone close is all talk right now — so much so that you might decide that you need to grab them by the hand and take them away with you on your adventures. That might work out for the best!

CAPRICORN- Today is perfect for clearing out your desk, closet or to-do list — any extra stuff needs to go! Once you’ve taken care of the obvious stuff, hunt down anything that seems to get in your way.

AQUARIUS- A deep conversation might turn into something even deeper if you’re feeling the romantic urge. Let yourself fall for someone’s mind — they’re sure to fall for yours! It’s a good time to express your feelings.

PISCES- Don’t let anyone nail you down on any specific plan today — make sure that you’re as flexible as possible when it comes to plans. Fortunately, most people are accepting of ambiguity