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July 17th






ARIES- There are so many positive factors at work in your life right now that you would be a fool not to set your sights high. Uranus, planet of changes, urges you to be adventurous. But do you really need encouragement?

TAURUS- Not even a Taurus can be confident all the time and there will be times today when you fear the worst. By all means take a long, hard look at your life but don't change things just because you're feeling low.

GEMINI- You will be spreading your opinions here, there and everywhere over the next 24 hours. Not everyone will agree with you, of course, but because you say it with such confidence it's unlikely they will argue with you.

CANCER- Employers and other authority figures are on your side now, so think how you would like to move up in the world then let them know you are ready. If in doubt, aim to do something completely different to what you usually do.

LEO- Travel is very much on the cards today. You don't need to have a specific destination in mind, just get up and go where your fancy takes you and you are guaranteed to have fun. You're the kind who takes fun with you.

VIRGO- You need to get your financial house in order and now is the perfect time to make changes in your cash flow habits. You don't have to cut spending to the bone but you do have to be aware how wasteful you have been.

LIBRA- You will face a few challenges today but you don't have to face them alone. Loved ones are always there for you and will stand by your side if you ask them to. Chances are you will come through pretty much unscathed.

SCORPIO- Cosmic activity in the work area of your chart means that others expect you to deliver and the last thing you want is to let them down. But don't burn yourself out. Pace yourself sensibly and you'll get it all done.

SAGITTARIUS- You may be in an assertive mood but don't pick fights with people just for the fun of it. It's good to let off steam occasionally but it's not good if you end up making enemies of people who could have been friends.

CAPRICORN- Creative and artistic matters will go well today but you must not neglect affairs of the heart. Someone needs to be reminded of your passion and commitment, most likely because you have been a bit distant of late.

AQUARIUS- You have plenty to say for yourself and you could cause a bit of friction if you come on too strong. Honesty may be the best policy but sometimes it pays to steer clear of facts that others may not want to hear.

PISCES- Positive cosmic activity in the money area of your chart will give you the courage to make much-needed changes. You may have to cut back on luxuries for a week or two but think of it as an investment, not a loss.