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July 18th







ARIES- There are so many positive influences in your favor at the moment that you really don't have to try too hard. Today's Jupiter-Neptune influence will make you feel more laid-back than usual. Why fight when you don't have to?

TAURUS- It appears that you are keeping something from those you live and work with. No doubt you have a good reason for doing so but don't forget it is natural they should be suspicious. Do you have to be so secretive?

GEMINI- When communicating with other people make sure it's not just one-way traffic. In other words, listen as well as talk. Everyone has a story to tell and what you learn today should be both enlightening and amusing.

CANCER- Take care of details today or risk having to waste time putting them right later on. But don't get so involved in minutiae that you lose sight of what it is you are trying to do. Keep the bigger picture in mind too.

LEO - If you expect the best today it will most likely happen. How could it not when so many people are desperate to see you succeed? There is nothing you cannot do if you put your mind to it - so get thinking.

VIRGO- Some of the things that were important to you yesterday won't seem so important to you today and come tomorrow you probably won't care about them in the slightest. A reminder that you should never take life too seriously.

LIBRA- You will be asked to take on extra responsibilities today and although you are under no obligation to say "yes" you will earn yourself a great deal of credit if you do. Don't think of it as work, think of it as an investment.

SCORPIO-You need to exercise self-discipline when dealing with financial matters. It may be tempting to write off a debt but if you do others may think you are an easy touch and see what else they can milk you for.

SAGITTARIUS-  If you have been planning a clean out of things that no longer serve a useful purpose then today is a good day to start. It won't be as disruptive as you fear - you may even enjoy stripping your life back to essentials.

CAPRICORN- Don't push yourself too hard, even if you are behind in your schedule. Timetables can be useful but they can also hinder your efforts and stifle creativity if they are too restrictive. The clock is your guide not your master.

AQUARIUS- Try not to take it as a personal insult if someone refuses to see things your way. It could be you who has got it wrong. Okay, maybe that's going too far but it's certainly true that different people see things in different ways.

PISCES- Don't sell yourself short. Claim the credit you deserve. Shout about your achievements. You are a very special person and you are doing some very special things - and there is no need to be modest about that