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July 19th









ARIES- You may be feeling a bit emotional but that's okay. It's more likely you will get what you desire if you express yourself directly and forcefully. A frank exchange of views may be needed to resolve a domestic issue.

TAURUS- You need to do a bit more homework before you start something new. Your solar chart suggests you have overlooked a piece of information that could make a huge difference to your plans. Get it right the first time.

GEMINI- You will discover the answer to a question that has been worrying you for ages. It may come as a bit of an anti-climax but the "big" questions are often like that - the answers turn out to be so simple.

CANCER- What's done is done and cannot be undone, so stop wasting time wishing things could have been different. You are where you are and the only thing you have control over is where to go and what to do next.

LEO- You may be tempted to put on an act just to please certain people but why bother? You are who you are for a reason and although that reason may be unclear you know it has nothing to do with make-believe.

VIRGO- You may wish you could protect someone from the consequences of their actions but it's better if they learn from their own mistakes. Lend a helping hand if you think it's needed but don't do every last thing for them.

LIBRA- You have this urge to pack your bags and head out the door. The need for adventure is almost overwhelming but before you get on your way let loved ones know you will be back. If not, they may pack their bags too!

SCORPIO- You will notice something that others have missed today and it may be something you can turn to your advantage financially. Is it immoral to do so? Of course not. It would though be stupid to ignore it.

SAGITTARIUS- You may be tempted to poke fun at someone's efforts today but before you do try to understand how it could affect them emotionally. Not everyone is as confident as you. Some people are easily hurt.

CAPRICORN- You know that you are right and that the "facts" are not to be trusted, so follow your instincts and ignore those who say you are heading for a fall. Even if it turns out you are wrong your self-belief will shield you.

AQUARIUS- An exciting opportunity will come your way today, but can you be bothered to do anything with it? For some reason you are a bit lethargic, a bit lacking in get up and go. Find a way to get your enthusiasm back.

PISCES- The more closely you observe people you interact with today the more you will learn things about them that can be used to your advantage. No, we're not talking blackmail here, just a better understanding of human nature.