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July 22nd








ARIES- The more people you meet in the world at large this week the better your chances of success will be. You may be a bit of a loner by nature but in today's networked world you have got to stay in touch.

TAURUS- Because there is a full moon at one of the more sensitive points of your chart you will be more emotional than usual. If you do go over the top and say something you shouldn't make sure you apologize quickly.

GEMINI- You may not agree with some of the opinions you hear over the next 24 hours but you need to remember that everyone is entitled to their say. If you make an effort to listen you may even learn something interesting.

CANCER- You are in one of your more impulsive moods and today's full moon will encourage you to spend, spend, spend. If you don't trust yourself with the purse strings let someone else hold them for a while.

LEO- You would never let another person dictate to you what you can and cannot do with your life, so don't try to dictate to them. The message of the stars today is Live and Let Live. Then everyone will be happy.

VIRGO- Don't allow yourself to be talked into doing something you don't feel like doing. You are happy to help others out, of course, but if you have any kind of doubts you must act on what your intuition tells you.

LIBRA- Handle affairs of the heart with care today because the full moon makes everyone a bit more sensitive than usual. If you say or do something a loved one thinks is needlessly harsh it could sour your relationship.

SCORPIO- Someone is determined to make a drama out of a crisis and the more you try to persuade them there is nothing to worry about the more emotional they will get. Maybe you should just stay out of their way.

SAGITTARIUS- Enjoy life by all means but don't overdo it. You could get quite excitable over the next 24 hours and who knows where that might lead! Also, take care when on the move. You know how easily accidents can happen.

CAPRICORN- You may be cautious by nature but you will nevertheless be tempted to spend big today - and chances are you will regret it. The safest place for your cash and your credit cards is in a locked wallet.

AQUARIUS- You may be tempted to say and do things for their shock value alone. It's fun, of course, but what of the costs? Your words and actions will ripple through the rest of the year, and eventually come back to you.

PISCES- You know that something is going on but you can't work out what it is. Don't worry: ignorance is bliss. The less informed you are the more honestly you can claim that you are not to blame for the consequences.