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July 23rd







ARIES- You have sacrificed a lot of late and no doubt feel you are entitled to something in return - and you're right, you are. But it won't just be given to you. Decide what you want, then reach out and take it.

TAURUS- The conditions you find yourself in are largely of your own making, so if you want to change things then the effort must come from you. Loved ones will help too, of course, but only if you ask them to.

GEMINI- The Sun's change of signs means you would like nothing better than to forget about serious things and go out and have fun. So why don't you? Life is too short to waste even one day doing what you don't enjoy.

CANCER- You have something important to deal with and although the Sun has now moved out of your sign Mars and Jupiter will give you all the energy and enthusiasm you need to sort it out. No excuses - get it done!

LEO- As the Sun begins its transit of your birth sign you can afford to be more adventurous. By all means weigh up the pros and cons, but don't let fear or other people's disapproval hold you back. Go for it.

VIRGO- You may have to put other people's needs ahead of your own but if you could stand back and see the bigger picture you would realize you are helping yourself as well. Everyone benefits, and that's nice.

LIBRA- There is no need to be so defensive. If you have made a mistake then admit it - it's really no big deal. Everyone does something silly once in a while, even a Libra, so make light of it and then move on.

SCORPIO- The next few days will be highly productive, especially on the work front where you will find favor with important people. The most important thing of all though is that you have a clear mental image of your long-term goal.

SAGITTARIUS- If someone has displeased you then you must let them know. You may be forgiving by nature but if you let them get away with it they may think they can do it again, and again. Don't let that happen.

CAPRICORN- Don't waste time on people who refuse to play by the rules. Either come down on them hard or cut them out of the game altogether. It doesn't matter which approach you choose so long as you mean it.

AQUARIUS- Some kind of dispute will disturb your peace of mind today and you must deal with it quickly before it gets out of hand. This is a great time of year for affairs of the heart. Don't let anything spoil it.

PISCES- If you push yourself just a little bit harder than usual today you will get so much more done. But don't go to extremes and risk hurting yourself physically. Nothing is more important than your wellbeing, not even success.