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Horoscopes for July 24th




ARIES- You have to put others first today -- there's just no other way for things to work out! Make sure that you're really listening and that you've got what it takes to pitch in when things get weird.


TAURUS- Your health has to come first today -- as it should most days -- so take a positive step to make your physical condition better. Eat an apple, walk an extra mile or meditate instead of watching TV.


GEMINI- You're having a blast today -- so why not share the good time with a new friend? Ring up that cutie at work or that acquaintance you've been meaning to get to know better. Now is the time!


CANCER-You need to stay active today -- so it's a good thing that's fairly easy for you! Your energy is a little diffuse, but as long as you keep moving, things should get a lot better for you.


LEO-  Your feelings are not quite as obvious as you may think, so make sure that you're letting people know what's what. Things could get a lot better, but only if you take a risk and say what's in your heart.


VIRGO- If you must make a big purchase today, try to make it with a partner. That could mean your sweetie, a dear friend or a colleague, but joint operations are just sure to go better for you.


LIBRA- Your sweet social energy is perfect for parties and dates -- though it may seem as if you're flirting with absolutely everyone! Just relax and have fun with it. Take things seriously some other day.


SCORPIO- You've got an easy choice to make, though it might seem tough. All you have to do is give in -- or appear to give in -- and you are sure to get what you want in the long run. Go for it!

SAGITTARIUS- You should make sure that your people really understand what you're looking for today -- otherwise, things are sure to get crazy! You may find that someone close is ready and willing to listen

CAPRICORN- Your cultural understanding needs some tweaking today -- but you can get deeper into things without too much trouble. It's a good time for you to speak with people you don't usually interact with.


AQUARIUS- You have got to make a real connection today -- things are too diffuse in your social world! The good news is that your energy is quite attractive, so you can make good relationships happen.

PISCES- You've got to forgive a debt of some kind -- though it's likely to be easier than you'd think. The money (or favor, or whatever) is worth less to you than your peace of mind, right?