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July 26th








ARIES- Take care of your health today because you could easily overdo it. That applies to social activities especially: by all means have fun but respect your limits - yes you do have them, just like everyone else.

TAURUS- Why are you afraid to ask for advice? Maybe it's because you fear you will be told the one thing you don't want to hear. The point is it's the one thing you most NEED to hear, so be brave and ask anyway.

GEMINI- Even Geminis have days when their emotions get the better of them and this may be one such day for you. Whatever others may say or do you are advised to take none of it seriously. Stay calm in all situations

CANCER- You may be flattered by someone's attention but are they being sincere? According to the planets they may be buttering you up with kind words because there is something they want from you. Find out what it is.

LEO- There is one more obstacle you need to find a way past before you are free to chart a new course. It does not matter how you deal with it so long as you make a choice and stick to it. Be decisive today.

VIRGO- Try not to come on too strong with other people, either in your personal life or at work, because they may take it the wrong way. You know how much you hate being told what to do - well, they feel that way too.

LIBRA- You may wish that someone would be more careful about the company they keep but you must not be too forceful about it. If you insist they steer clear they will, most likely, do the opposite just to spite you.

SCORPIO- Stop looking over your shoulder. No one is following you and no one is planning to trip you up or in any other way take you by surprise. So what is the problem? Maybe it's just your guilty conscience - again!

SAGITTARIUS- Sometimes you can impose your will on others but it won't be so easy today. In fact the more you try to tell others what to do the more they will do something different. Forget about them and take care of yourself.

CAPRICORN- You may be tempted to disappear for a while, to leave the mad, bad world behind you, but the planets say you should stay right where you are and do something decisive. Running away never solved any kind of problem.

AQUARIUS- By all means do something practical to help a friend in need but draw the line at giving them money. They may mean it when they promise to pay you back soon but the planets warn they may not be able to.

PISCES- A friend is feeling low and needs some kind words to cheer them up again - and who better than Pisces to say the right things. Remind them why life is always worth living - and while you're at it remind yourself!