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July 29th









ARIES- Don't start the week in a negative frame of mind. Everything will be resolved to your complete satisfaction over the next seven days - as the Sun in your fellow Fire sign of Leo suggests. Start the week with a smile.

TAURUS- Recent setbacks may have been disappointing but you will begin to see them in a more positive light over the next few days. Everyone makes mistakes, it's part of the human condition - what matters is how you react to them.

GEMINI- It may seem to the world at large as if you are taking things easy but appearances can be deceptive. Beneath that cool exterior you are worrying about all sorts of weird and wonderful things. Why? It's really all good.

CANCER- Life has taken a more serious turn in recent days and you will certainly have to take a more responsible approach to matters related to your finances this coming week. Do whatever it takes to make ends meet.

LEO- Something you hear today will no doubt worry you a bit but if you make an effort to read between the lines you may discover that the "facts" are not quite what they seem. Maybe someone is trying to scare you

VIRGO- An interesting offer will come your way today but you are more than a little suspicious about it. Why would someone you hardly know want to help you? Whatever the reason it's a genuine offer, so say "Yes".

LIBRA- You don't need an excuse to have a good time so don't bother looking for one. The Sun in Leo demands that you spend as much time as you can with your real friends - they're the ones who make you laugh.

SCORPIO- A great deal has been going on beneath the surface over the past few days and the fallout could be quite spectacular. Whatever happens keep your wits about you and keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities you can exploit.

SAGITTARIUS- If something is bothering you - and it is - then you must pluck up the courage to ask for advice, even though you hate to reveal you are not in control. Even a Sagittarius needs a helping hand once in a while.

CAPRICORN- From the look of your solar chart it seems you are in possession of inside information that can be used to further your ambitions. Is it immoral to do so? Of course not. All is fair in love, war and business.

AQUARIUS- Someone is trying to grab your attention and sooner or later you are going to have to see what they want. Make it sooner if you can because if you are obliged to do them a favor the early part of the week is best.

PISCES- You seem to have overdone it a bit over the past week or so and now you must rest and recuperate. Even if you still seem strong physically your mind is certainly feeling the strain. Don't think so much or so hard.