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August 1st








ARIES- Try not to be a control freak. Let others decide what you are going to do and how you are going to do it. It may be at odds with the way you usually go about things but it will be strangely liberating too.

TAURUS- Some kind of drama will unfold over the next 24 hours, either in a close personal relationship or at work. The important thing is that you don't react without thinking. Look at the situation rationally and do what must be done.

GEMINI- you are full of good ideas at the moment but one idea in particular should be singled out and worked on immediately. It's success - and your fortune - depends on getting the timing right, and the time is NOW!

CANCER- You're in a good mood at the moment but those around you are a bit depressed, most likely because they have some serious problems to deal with. What can you do to cheer them up? Maybe just stay out of their way!

LEO- You may be no-nonsense by nature but even a Leo can be fooled and the planets warn you need to be extra careful today. Avoid all forms of wishful thinking. It's okay to dream but keep in touch with reality too

VIRGO- This may be a chaotic time but you seem to be enjoying the mayhem. Changes in your working environment are unsettling for sure but they are necessary too - and may lead to new opportunities for you personally.

LIBRA- Success is important, of course, but it's wrong to measure your life purely by how much you own or earn. The planets urge you not to get attached to material things for their own sake. Love is more important than money.

SCORPIO- It seems you are in one of those moods when you are tempted to throw everything out and start again from scratch. The only danger is that with Pluto, your ruler, under pressure you are likely to regret it later. Think again.

SAGITTARIUS- You seem to be in a rather aggressive mood at the moment and today's Mars-Uranus link warns you could easily go too far and spark a feud that gets way out of hand. Relax. The world is not your enemy.

CAPRICORN- Make an effort to look on the bright side today, because if you allow little, everyday annoying things to get on top of you your mood will head south fast. Remember too that you can't solve everyone's problems, only your own.

AQUARIUS- Look on what you have to do today as a challenge to be enjoyed rather than a chore to be endured - and you may be surprised how much fun you have and what a good job you make of it. It's all about attitude

PISCES- Do what you want to do today and don't waste time worrying what colleagues and loved ones might think about it. Far from being unpopular you will find that most people respect you more for being your own boss