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July 25th




ARIES-Try to really pay attention to what people are saying today -- otherwise, you may find that you've got some serious confusion by this time tomorrow. Things are better if you open your heart.


TAURUS- If you've got a gym buddy, things should go much better for both of you. If you hate gyms, find a running partner or try a yoga class, as your health routines go better when you're partnered up.


GEMINI- Your brainy energy is fierce and ready for some serious challenge! Make sure that you have a way to get your people to understand your eleventh-dimensional reasoning, though


CANCER-Try to stick to the same project today -- adding new work is sure to backfire. You may have to check out some alternate means of getting work done today, but try to say no to requests


 LEO- You can't get everything you want on your own today -- so make sure that you're asking for help as much as you can. Things should get a lot better once you've got a team working on your side!


VIRGO- It's the little things that get to you today -- so make sure that you're not worrying too much about the big picture too. You can handle these little setbacks as long as you focus and stay energized

LIBRA- You're feeling deeply appreciative of what you have today -- and things are looking up for everyone! Someone close is sure to make a play for something big, but you just want to chill

SCORPIO- Your workload is a little lighter than you had thought it might be, so chill out and enjoy what you've got. Things might seem to be a little weirder, too -- but that's just a shift in perspective


SAGITTARIUS-. Your brush with the law may come to a head today -- so make sure that you're on top of your game and ready for anything. The good news is that your energy should give you a slight edge.


CAPRICORN- How is your online resume? Now is a great time to brush off the virtual dust and build it up all over again. You may be surprised at how easy it is for you to make things really shine

AQUARIUS- Your intellectual life is much richer and more varied today -- and since you set the bar pretty high, that means a lot! Enjoy new puzzles and challenges -- and share them with those in your life.


PISCES- You're choosing a path today -- and remember, not choosing is a choice in itself! You may find that guidance is harder to come by than usual; but if you look within, you should find what you need.