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August 5th








ARIES- Anything of a creative, artistic or romantic nature will go extremely well over the next few days - and keep you extremely busy. Whatever your goal may be now is the time to go after it - and really believe you can reach it.

TAURUS- Make a serious effort to resolve a long-standing feud. Even if it is not out in the open the bad feelings are simmering and bubbling away beneath the surface. Deal with them now or your whole week could suffer

GEMINI- You will be the center of attention today. Whether or not you enjoy it remains to be seen but there is no reason why you should not. Get in the party spirit and don't care too much if you make a fool of yourself.

CANCER- Someone seems to think you are an easy touch and can be separated from your money with ease. That's not going to happen, is it? Watch out for your own interests, today and for the rest of the week. No one else will.

LEO- Your energy level is extraordinary - no task seems to faze you. But why work harder when you can work smarter? Instead of doing the work of ten other people why not get ten other people to work for you? Think about it.

VIRGO- Someone needs to be reminded that you are your own boss and do not exist just to be of assistance to them. But don't go over the top and cause unnecessary resentment. State your case and state it plain . . . but nicely.

LIBRA- Keep telling yourself that you can make a difference, that you can be a force for good. What happens over the next few days will encourage you to join forces with like-minded people. Together you can change the world.

SCORPIO- You have every right to be proud of what you have achieved but don't stop striving yet. The approaching new moon suggests some kind of breakthrough, so keep dreaming, keep doing and keep setting new standards.

SAGITTARIUS- Don't do what others expect you to do - do what your heart says is right. That might put you at odds with some people but what of it? You have nothing to fear from them, but they have plenty to fear from you.

CAPRICORN- You may be thinking of investing a large sum of money in a long-term financial project but before you do it will pay you to get expert advice. There are no guarantees, of course, but you can minimize the risks.

AQUARIUS- You may have your doubts that what a friend or loved one is planning will succeed but you should support them anyway. According to the planets you may be surprised - they could make a huge success of it.

PISCES- If you lack enthusiasm for something you have to do then put it off for a few days. The approaching new moon indicates you should be kind to yourself, physically, mentally and emotionally too. Minimize stress. Maximize joy.