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August 13th

Aries- A friend will need cheering up today and you're the right person for the job. No one is happier or larger-than-life than you, so be who you were meant to be and let some of those good vibes rub off on those around you.

Taurus- If you get the urge to change direction by all means do so. Yes, of course, others will complain because it throws their plans into confusion, but what's that to you? Be honest to who you are, and who you want to be.

Gemini- Even things that go wrong are in some way or other part of the cosmic design, so don't get too upset if your plans don't work out the way you had hoped over the next 24 hours. It's all good - always.

Cancer- Show the world what star quality looks like. Do something that grabs the attention of important people and keep doing it until you get the recognition you deserve. If the planets are to be believed it won't be long in coming.

Leo- It won't take much of an effort to get on top of your workload today but can you be bothered? Hopefully you will overcome your lethargy because there is so much good you can do. Once you start you won't want to stop.

Virgo- You can turn almost any situation to your own advantage now, even those that seem to be going against you. With Mercury, your ruler, linked to power planet Pluto you are in no mood to give up - and staying power trumps all.

Libra- Yes, it may be true that certain people are gossiping about you but is it such a big deal? And would you prefer it if no one took any notice of you? If they're talking about you then you must be doing something special.

Scorpio- Honesty is a virtue, of course, but if you are smart you will hold off from telling the world what you know today, especially if it involves a friend who might be hurt by the revelations. Keep it to yourself.

Sagittarius- With the Sun in your fellow Fire sign of Leo you can easily persuade friends and work colleagues to do tasks and chores for you. Sit back and let them do all the hard stuff. They'll be happy and so will you.

Capricorn- Don't look at the clock. Don't act as if time is a factor, because it isn't. Whatever the task you have to compete today the important thing is that you get it 100 per cent right, however long it takes.

Aquarius- If someone takes you into their confidence today you must not betray their trust by passing the information on to other people. If you do they will never trust you again - in fact you'll always be the last to know.

Pisces- You may be tempted to help a friend cover up some kind of transgression but the planets warn it's not a smart move. Let them know that, friend or no friend, the problem is theirs alone to resolve.