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July 26th




ARIES- Use your smiles and charm to get your way today -- people are much more likely to pay attention if you just quietly ask them if they'd mind obliging you than if you issue demands.


TAURUS- Too much of a good thing is still too much, so make sure you don't overdo it today. Your energy is perfect for balancing between a range of activities, so enjoy your time and then move on.

GEMINI- Stray thoughts are winners right now -- make sure you've got some way to record them. A simple voice message on your phone may be good enough, or you could scribble it all down on a Post-It.

CANCER- You can't rely on other people to the same extent as usual today -- so make sure that you're watching out and checking up on them. You are sure to find at least one mistake or mishap.


LEO- Your romantic side is out in force right now, so make a play for someone new or let your sweetheart know how you really feel about them. Things are good, but they could always be better!


VIRGO- Impulse buying can be dangerous today, so see if you can get your friends to restrain you if you end up at a mall or some other money extraction venue. Your resistance isn't quite enough on your own

LIBRA- Art and design are highlighted today, so you should either hit a museum or check online for some new way to spruce up your pad -- or blog. You can make things much more beautiful


SCORPIO- Your eyes open to something -- or someone -- with more aspects than you had previously believed. You don't need to act on this knowledge yet, but you ought to at least mull it over for a while.


SAGITTARIUS- You may have to deal with a lawyer -- but with luck, it's just a formality. If not, your social energy is just right for dealing with big issues in a way that is beneficial to most parties concerned.


CAPRICORN- Your ability to push things forward is making life move faster -- and your initiative is sure to make life a lot more appealing! You may find that things are much simpler by this time tomorrow

AQUARIUS- You hit it off with someone you don't usually see much of -- or maybe someone you'd normally avoid! Your terrific energy makes it much easier to forge new connections and friendships.


PISCES- Your active social life is finally more or less balanced -- but it may not stay that way for long! Enjoy the variety for now and see if you can reach out to folks you don't hear from all that often